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    Sounds like it could be a great TC mod. Is this real life based or is it a fantasy based mod? Ether way I can test mods out for anybody who makes them when they need stuff in game tested. System specs below show off how powerfull a rig I currently own.

    (Going to go SLI soon as well BTW........... After I get a 850Watt PSU)

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  • started a topic Helix Assault

    Helix Assault

    My current team and I from DeadBeat Games are currently starting a new TC Mod for UT3. The name of our TC is Helix Assault.

    This is a remake of the game type Precinct Assault from the game Futurecop L.A.P.D, It's a pretty old game, but the game type still lives on in glory, we are going to bring this glory to UT3 players everywhere

    For more details, bigger/higher res images or a formatted version of the information below, please contact me at

    The reason I am posting this here is because we are currently working on 4 titles right now, and my team doesn't have enough time to work on this free project.

    So if any programmers, modelers, animators, or mappers are interested in joining us on this project. Please feel free to post or contact me at

    For information on what the old game was like visit

    So far everyone who knows about this tries to compare it with another game, if you really have to do that, the closest you’ll get is a mix of Demigod, Tower Defense, RTS, and a hot fast paced 1v1 third person multiplayer shooter .
    Game Objective
    Get one of your hover tanks into the enemy base.
    Players begin inside their base, each base has a hover tank factory, tanks will seek out the enemy base, when one of your hover tanks enters the enemy base, you win.
    Each base also has an aircraft factory; aircraft protect your base from the air.
    Base turrets are you last line of defense; neutral turrets are up for grabs.
    You can buy outposts to have another base.
    Units can be upgraded and are AI controlled. They are on set paths.
    Tanks will automatically select one of multiple paths on a map and head toward the enemy base attacking any enemy unit/structure on the way, as well as automatically claiming any unclaimed turret in its range on its way to the enemy base.
    Each Player starts with 10 points.
    Cost Unit Award
    1 Hover Tank(base) 1
    2 Hover Tank(outpost) 1
    1 Chopper(base) 1
    2 Chopper(outpost) 1
    50 Dreadnaught 5
    50 Flying Fortress 5
    10 Walker 10
    0 Neutral Turret 1
    0 Enemy Turret 1
    30 Neutral Outpost 0
    50 Enemy Outpost 0
    Unit Stats
    Unit Name Health Speed Damage Projectile Speed reload speed
    Walker 200 6 - - -
    Hover 200 10 - - -
    Hover Tank 100 4 30 5 5
    Chopper 100 4 30 5 5
    Drednaught 300 2 30x3 10 2
    Flying Fortress 300 3 30x3 10 3
    Base turret 200 0 50 8 8
    Outpost Turret 150 0 40 6 6
    Turret 100 0 30 5 5

    Player Weapons
    Light Weapons Fire Speed Damage Max ammo Ammo Usage
    Machine Gun 8 8/hit 1000 8/shot
    Gattlin Laser 10 5/sec 1500 10/sec
    Electric Gun constant 5/sec 1000 5/sec
    Riot Shield constant 10/sec 400 20/sec

    Medium Weapons
    Hell Fire Missles 6 20 600 1/shot
    Concussion Beam 2 40 300 1/shot
    Hyper Velocity Rockets 4 30 300 1/shot

    Heavy Weapons
    Mortar Launchers 2 80 200 1/shot
    Mines 6 100 200 1/shot
    Shock Wave Generator 2 50 200 1/shot
    • Each player has their own base
    • Bases contain Tank and Aircraft factories
    • Bases are protected by Base Turrets
    • If a player enters an enemy base, massive flamethrowers will come out of the walls and burn them alive.
    • Bases are equiped with early warning systems called base sensors.
    • Players control a vehicle of some sort.
    • Players start and respawn after death in their base.
    • Players have three different weapon types: Primary, Secondary, and Special.
    • Players may customize their weapon set before each match.
    • Players may attack enemy tanks, aircraft, turrets, and players.
    • Each base has a tank factory; this factory allows you to spend points on tanks.
    • Tanks are controlled by the AI, when they are created, they automatically choose from one of multiple paths preset on the current map. Each path eventually leads directly into the enemy base.
    • Tanks automatically claim any neutral turrets in their range for your team as they travel to the enemy base.
    • Tanks automatically fire upon any enemy tanks, aircraft, turrets, or players in their range.
    • There may be different tank types
    • Each base has an aircraft factory; this factory allows you to spend points on aircraft.
    • Aircraft are controlled by the AI, when they are created; they automatically patrol above the base they were created at within a certain radius.
    • Aircraft automatically fire upon any enemy tanks, aircraft, turrets, or players in their range.
    Base Turrets
    • Base Turrets are stationary and preset on the map.
    • Base Turrets are the last line of defense when it comes to defending a base.
    • Base Turrets cannot be claimed.
    • When a Base Turret is destroyed, after a set period of time it will respawn.
    • Base Turrets automatically fire upon any enemy tanks, aircraft, turrets, or players in their range.
    • Turrets are stationary preset on the map.
    • Turrets start off neutral and may be claimed by players.
    • Turrets may also be claimed by tanks for the team the tank is on.
    • When a Turret is destroyed, after a set period of time it will respawn as a neutral turret.
    • Turrets automatically fire upon any enemy tanks, aircraft, turrets, or players in their range.
    • Outposts are preset on the map.
    • Players may claim outposts at a cost.
    • Once claimed, Outposts may be captured by opposing players.
    • Outposts allow players to build tanks and aircraft closer to the enemy base, but at a higher cost.
    • Outposts turn all nearby Turrets into Base Turrets for that team as long as they own that Outpost.
    Power ups
    • Power ups are preset on the map.
    • Power ups will include:
    o Primary Ammo: sets primary ammo to max
    o Secondary Ammo: sets secondary ammo to max
    o Special Weapon Ammo: sets special weapon ammo to max
    o Health: sets player health to max
    o Super Primary Ammo: switches players primary ammo to super shots(enhanced gfx with more damage)
    o Super Secondary Ammo: switches players secondary ammo to super shots(enhanced gfx with more damage)
    o Super Special Ammo: switches players special ammo to super shots(enhanced gfx with more damage)
    • Power ups can be picked up by players only by move over them.
    Player Weapons
    • Players will have a variety of weapons to select from.
    o Machine Gun
    o Gattlin Laser
    o Electric Gun
    o Riot Shield
    o Hell fire Missles
    o Concussion Beam
    o Hyper Velocity Rockets
    o Mortar Launcher
    o Mines
    o Shock Wave Generator
    • There may be more weapons
    Base Sensors
    • Base Sensors alert the player when an enemy player or tank is getting near the players base.
    • Base Sensors are triggered when the enemy passes over it.
    There are just ideas for now
    • Tanks
    o Armor piercing rounds (weapon damage)
    o Depleted Uranium Shells (+weapon damage)
    o Oxidized Fuel Additives (movement speed)
    o Automated Shell Loader (firing speed)
    o Composite Armor (hit-point increase)
    • Aircraft

    o Reinforced Structure (hit-point increase)
    o Afterburners (movement speed)
    o Aerodynamic Fuselage (+movement speed)
    o Laser Tracking System (weapon damage + firing speed?)

    • Player
    o Titanium Reinforced Superstructure (hit-point increase)
    o Increase Barrel Length + Barrel Rifling (projectile speed + accuracy (if missing is an issue))
    o Laser Rangefinder (firing range increase)
    o Flak Cannon (AA gun add-on?)
    o Improved Tracks (or Gears) (movement speed)
    o Anti-Matter shells (weapon damage)
    • Base
    o Assembly Lines (production speed)
    o Quality Assurance Inspection (decrease costs)
    o Steel Bracing (base defense increase)
    o Radar Dish (Sensor range increase)
    • Outpost
    o Blast doors (outpost capture time increased for enemy)

    Below is a example of one of the map designs and everything involved in the map.