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Some cool Unreal mod ideas

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    Some cool Unreal mod ideas

    Hey everyone,

    I've been playing Unreal Tournament since it first came out in 1999 and I must say this game has come a long way since then. Still as always this game is my favorite first person shooter ever, and that is how it will stay.

    With that aside I need to say that my most favorite aspect of unreal tournament is the user created custom content. I cannot tell you how long the custom content has kept me coming back to this game above all others. I love the maps... and I love the mods, I've made a few myself so I know how it’s done and how much time and effort people put into making these. I have thousands maps and mods created by people saved onto my computer and this collection grows every day.

    Just the creativity that people put into these maps is exciting.. and I love opening these maps in ued and seeing what makes them tick. People have incredible minds and seeing their ideas and imaginations come together into a map... there's just no words for it. It’s like seeing some kind of beautiful uncharted landscape for the first time, every time I open one of these maps.

    So with that being said, I have some ideas that I would like to put out there that I’ve been thinking of for a few years now and haven’t seen come into play yet. Some major, some minor, and anyone feel free to use any of these ideas to put toward the game because I’d love more than anyone to see these become reality.

    So the first thing I want to talk about is the Unreal Tournament user interface. It’s friendly to say the least… and epic needs to know that the more options people have in the user interface, the better. I’ve always had this dream or idea of being able to categorize maps created by users. What I mean by this is I’ve always imagined a screen, where you can chart across the universe to different star systems and planets. You can click on a planet and it will show you various places that you can play on this planet. For example a Gen Mo’Kai themed map would be on a planet with other maps of the same theme. I always thought it would be cool to know where in the universe the map you are playing is located. If it’s at the heart of a heavily populated area of the universe or the far reaches of the universe uncharted by man or machine alike. I think this would be a whole lot cooler than having to sift through a list of maps trying to find one with a cool name or pretty picture to play.

    This could be easily fabricated into the next game too. Just give people the option of selecting a location or creating a new planet when building a map. It doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed.

    The next thing I always thought of putting into an unreal game is a power up that allows you to see how much health an apposing team member has. If this exists already I’m sorry I must have missed it, but if not I think it would be a really cool idea. This way when your team is going after a flag you can use this information to your advantage is seeing the best way to approach the other teams flag base. A simple but pretty neat idea.

    Finally I would like to say that the weapons should be powered down a little bit in the newer games. Unreal’s appeal is that it is a fast paced shooter game, however the fact that in unreal 3 you die even quicker because the weapons are stronger turned me off to the game majorly. If unreal was to balance its weapons… or even create a mod where you can adjust the weapon strength, it would greatly improve the game. This would help for those people who make huge maps that it takes 5 minutes to get to the other side, because you would actually have a fighting chance at taking someone out before being killed and having to rewalk all 5 minutes (because someone stole your car).

    Those are just a few ideas I have, when I can remember more I’ll post them but you guys can go to town on any of these if you’d like… if not its okay too. I just needed to say them somewhere. Thanks for your time reading this guys, and happy fraggin!