Could somebody recreate the 3rd Krall head(Cerbereus's head) without the thing hanging from its chin and without the upward pointing spikes near its nostrils. It seem slike it would be simple, i would do it myslef however i lack the programs and the skill to do it.

Also while playing the Torlan necris i started thinking baout the axon and necris vehicles and this is what i decided for each factions counterpart.i base this off symetrical map that have differnt vehicles like torlan necris.

leviathon-2 darkwalkers???

my idea was for necris artillery
it would in function be almost the same as the SPMA it would just look differnt.

-A floating vehicles similar in design to a Nightshade,it would have a long tentacle inside of it.when it depolys into artillery mode the tenacle would shoot out of the vehicle into the ground.the player would then fire a sky camera thingy similar to the SPMA. when the player fires the tentacle will shoot out of the ground where the driver was aiming and do damage. it would shoot out of the ground at angle so people could tell where it was coming from as well.

anyway i don't think it will be made, but i thought it was a cool idea