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    Map request

    Hi there I have a map request:

    I know people like to make dungions, and broken down ruins style maps but this one would be different. I wan't a map thats new fresh and has a real fantasy world behind it.

    So my map idea is a kinda Trench Warfare map complete with falling arty rounds, exploding flack cannon shells, and even some Goliath tanks for vehicle lovers.

    IE not like the current ones. It would have 4 nodes:

    Then at the main spawn there are one Goliath tank per team.

    The power core is protected by a large bunker door that must be blowen up by a demo charge, thus granting the attackers entrie to drive tanks into the the bunker and blow it up.

    Also at each power core would be a bunch of turrets, and a SMPA turret for long range attacks.

    Players would spawn in a seperate room with a one way shield they can go in and out, but the enemy can not.

    Note: For AA defence the top of the power core is exposed and their is a elivator that can take players to one of 2 moveable Stinger turrets.

    Node 1:

    At a half way point on the left side of the map is the anti-aircraft node for both sides to capture: they pump the skys full of flack shells automaticly when active so it's in both teams intrest to capture this to allow the players to take off in their aircraft and attack the enemy from above. (vehicle here would be the Cacuida or how ever you spell it to cut down on spawn camping)

    Note: Although this is the primary way to win the map is to attack the core you can also do a ground assault via the Bunker doors.

    IE if you try to take off before your team has at least both

    Nodes 2/3: These nodes supply a second tank to whom ever controlls them as well as a scorpoin for fast attacks. they are both linked to the Anti-aircraft node. Note: Due to the fact that the machine gun turrets target any player not in a vehicle they will kill you if you exit your vehicle. So stay in that tank and use it soldier!

    Node 4 aka Support node:

    This node is not liked at all but is a count down node that supplys a massive Leviathan to the team that controlls it. And it's also a third option to getting inside the enem bunker. IE there is the main door. And then a secondary location that if hit 10 times by the Leviathan main gun when deployied opens a back door. (Mind you getting around the other teams turrets, and SPMA turrets will be no easy task)

    The map size would need to be big and each node I would like to see in a mountian side complex on the map thus the need for the sniper rifle/Arvil weapons for long range attacks.

    Also of note to infantry:

    Automated Machine Gun turrets will shoot anybody who tries to climb out of the Trenches. They will snake through out the map, and in the case of the Anti-Aircraft node lead into a tunnel that will allow people to infiltrate the AA guns from below after you use a Demo charge to blow open the doors.


    Rocket Launcher

    Flack Cannon

    Link Gun

    Shock Rifle

    Pick up weapons:

    ARVIL Rocket Launcher

    Sniper rifle



    Full armor will be avalible at both bases. Helmate, chest armor, and even knee pads.

    Quad damage is at the Anti-Aircraft node.

    Anyway this idea has been brewing at the back of my mind for a while now. Kindoff what I always thought of when Epic changed the name of UT2004s Onslaught to Warfare. I thought it would be a real War kinda feel with UT3 weapons. But eh they came close............