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Multiplayer Server Lobby?

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    Multiplayer Server Lobby?

    I'm unsure if this goes in this section of the forums. But I've been wondering if something.

    Is it possible that when a player joins a multiplayer server to enter a "Lobby" so to speak...or a screen where they can pick some options before joining the match...?

    Instead of joining the match the instant the player joins...

    Just a thought... I haven't seen anything do this in a while...was wondering if UT3 could do it or if anyone has done it. Thanks.


    I guess no one likes the idea of having a multilayer lobby once you join a server...

    lol dang


      As in matchmaking on xbox live, im a little confused? IS it like the Halo3 Lobby?


        Yeah kinda, I was thinking something even more simple than that.

        You find a server you like in the join the server. Upon connecting with the server you enter a "Looby Screen". Where you can see a list of the other players connected to the server that are waiting for the match to start.

        In this lobby screen I'd like to give the player options such as if it's a team based map...pick which team you'll be during the match. Just an example...

        But once you are set on your option choice you click a "Status Ready" box and if that box is checked you will load into the actual map when the game is started by the server admin. Or if the match is already then join at that point.

        I just don't like the idea of as soon as I pick a server in the multilayer list that I am thrown straight into the match.

        Does that make more sense?