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    Weapon Idea

    This is apart from my other more grand mod ideas. This one is pritty basic and I think could be done with ease if there was a person willing to help me out. I could do ingame testing and screenshots any time as I have all summer off right now.

    I wanted something that could work with the current UT3 weapon set without being outa place and or completly over powered. So I chose a weapon I like to call the Proton Rifle. Now before you think oh great another super weapon it's not that super at all.

    Primary fire: Proton balls that can be bounced off walls kinda like the Necris hover bikes weapons. Just they bounce a bit more.

    Secondary fire: Charged single shot that drains ammo faster but dose not bounce at all. (Plus deals twice the damage of the normal fire mode)

    I wanted something new and interesting we all have in UT3 these weapons that need little skill, or little thinking invovled on how to best use them. I thought a gun like this would be a welcomed change of pace for UT3.

    I have no concept art, or even a general idea of the effects to be used, or sounds. I do however have and Idea of how it should look. Kinda like a space age assult rifle with a glowing power core that puleses when fired, also I wanted it like many UT3 weapons to have kind off a transformer style too it.

    Last but not least I want the weapon to use UT3s PhysX features to do the bounceing rounds, and allow for a realsitic recochet effect, and it would need all new particle effects as well.

    I would implament it via Mutator and allow the player to replace any weapon in the game they wan't with it. (I would recomend the Bio Rifle, but eh anybody could replace any weapon they wanted with this baby.)

    sounds kinda like the ripper to me, only that the ripper uses bouncing blades. sec fire is a blade that explodes on impact and behaves somewhat like the flak alt, but sinks much slower.


      Do you think it needs something different then for a secondary that would make it stand out? If thats the case I have been toying around with other ideas for a secondary fire mode.

      Other possibilies:

      Idea 1:

      Secondary fire ejects the power core but also makes it highly unstable; IE the core would explode blanketing a small area with toxic blowing ooze that would cause damage to people who walked into it.

      Idea 2:

      Super Charged beam that eats and burns up enemies, setting them on fire, and literaly dusting them ala buffy the VP Slayer style only with flames as well.

      Anyway other then the base Idea I wanted a weapon that was a bit more unpridictable like most UT3s weapons are.


        Ever played turok 2: seeds of evil?
        The shredder rifle fired a high speed round that bounced all over the place. The alternate ammo, or in this case, alt fire fired the same shot, except when it hit a wall the first time, it would shatter and release several little rounds in a random pattern. It was my favorite gun. I even made one for ut2k4, but lost it when my hard drive failed. One thing I realised with this gun, the more geometry in a map, the harder it is not to shoot yourself.


          check out the hunting spheres (shock rifle replacement) in the weapon set that me and my friend made. it's not quite what you described, but it will probably blow your mind.


            Dude that thing is scary as hell! The hunting spheres are awesome!