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    Weapon mod idea

    Ok this one is kinda odd I know but bare with me here:

    Mod name: UTs Forgotten Weapons

    Idea bring back all the classic weapons that are still missing from UT3IE the fallowing:


    Assault Rifle: With UGL

    Ion Painter: Only for Warfare/VCTF maps IMHO

    Bombing Run: IE UT2k4s under used Bomber drone attack that was realy cool. Another one only for Warfare.

    Mine Layer: VCTF/Warfare only

    Ripper: Dule/DM only

    New models for all current weapons:

    IE choose from UT3. UT2k4, or UT99 models for all weapons. Note: UT99 models, and UT2k4 models will have vastly improved textures, and much higher poly counts to update the look without changeing the core of the weapon.

    The idea here is to bring back some type of feel from the old games. The sounds will be the same, the only difference is that you will be able to choose from the different styles of model per gun, as per the player choice.

    IE don't like the Stinger Mini gun? Change it back into the older Mini Gun with bullets and all! (of course updated model to make with the same old style just with higher polys, and greater detail via textures)

    The same thing could be done with all the weapons from UT3, other then of course the ones that were never in some games.

    It would be a hard project as the older UT99/2k4 weapons would need alot of smaller details added to them so they could look as cool, as their UT3 counter parts. But it would add in some endless customisation to the game for players who are fans of all the games.

    There's a chainsaw in bez's Real Weapons pack, there's a Ripper out there which I believe was made by Runestorm but I'm not sure and I've released an assault rifle with a UGL but it's not the old UT one.


      ONS 2.0 has a mine layer. and Fraghouse has a ripper and a circular saw weapon called the hacker. fairly similar to the chainsaw. I agree with the target painter, but with a much better bombing sequence. the idea is cool, but the one from 2k4 sucked. Maybe using cicada bombs and having it fly faster. the ion painter was cool, but got boring real quick. maybe having it work more like the hammer of dawn from gow. you know with a smaller beam and the ability to steer it? and possibly making the assault rifle worth a d*mn, I hated it back in 2k4. Hey DazJW, Can you give us a link to your rifle?


        Well my idea fallows the lines that UT99 had some great looks for it's guns, sadly they lacked the detail that we have now. On top of that many classic weapons are now missing. Plus the dual weilding Assault rifles was the only way to use that weapon in UT2004.

        IMHO if we did bring any of this back the idea is not to give them all UT3 make overs like current modders are intent on doing. But rather to bring them back as they looked in their last games with much higher polly counts, and then ballance them correctly.

        IE the assualt rifle I would make deal about the same damage as the current pistol when it came to bullets (it shoots faster so it would deal good damage this way) But for the UGL it had I would make those deal about the same damage as a flack cannon secondary fire. That way if you hit a person with it they are dead.

        My idea for the Target Painter is to have instead of a high slow bombing run like in UT2004. To have a lower faster bomding run, with them doing a correct start a bit high then drop in low to hit the target then hit the after burners and pull out. IE you could still shoot them down if you had a sniper rifle, and were a good shot. But they would be moveing twice as fast as they did in the old days.

        As for the Ion Painter it first showed up in UT99 for the PS2, then was brought into UT2003 by Epic. Vary different both of them were. My idea is to take the best of both guns and make a portable arty peace out of it.

        IE the player first shoots into the air a targeting pod: not unlike what the SPMA uses. But much smaller and has a limited range of motion. Then when the player needs to brun something to peaces he/she can simply guide the laser gears style but from a top down look with a tiny camra to view it.

        It would only last about 30 seconds to keep people from spaming it, and it only would have the range of about 100 feet in game. (That way you can't shoot it into the air and dominate the whole map for 30s getting 20 kills)

        We would need new models and animations for all of this but it would work.