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    Mod idea from me:

    I was hopeing for a mech combat mod for UT3! We could do so much more with this game engine!

    Note: May require it's own maps due to the new gameplay of the vehicles.

    General idea: The combat suit would be a brand new take on UT3! IE there would be a Necris, and a Axon model, and there would be 3 different versions for different gameplay styles.

    Combat Suit classes:

    Stealth: This combat Suit allows it's user to plant explosives, cloke and decloke, as well as snipe from long range with it's high power laser weapon.

    Stangths: Speed, jump hight, stealthy!

    Weekness: low armor health, poor close range/mid range combat abilities, and little to no other talents other then to strike from a distance sneek around, and plant traps.

    Assault: This suit is perfect for noobies, and an all around good combat choice for the average foot soldier to get in and deal some damage. Comes with dual wrist mounted chian fed Auto rifles, single shoulder mounted rocket launcher, and a mid size jump pack for faster advances, also comes with meele claws for close combat: IE think like Gundams underwater mecha that had those cool three pronged claws that could slice and dice!

    Stranghts: Good close range, mid range combat. mid armor rateings give better protection to key areas, and jump pack that allows for mid high jumps, and good tactical menuvers.

    Weekness: Jump pack is highly exposed to sniper shots from behind, slower speed then the stealth model means it lacks the ability to get in and out in a hurry. Weapons has no long range attacks at all, and missiles can be doged easly by smaller targets.

    Artillery: This suit provides fire support, and long range tactical info to other players. As well as has the most armor of any of the other combat suits. It features a fully working rader system that when active feeds info to other players on their radar so keeping this guy alive is key! Weapons feature 3 back mounted cannons, and 2 close combat arms for meele combat.

    Strangths: Has weapons that pack a big punch, Can take a huge beating before going down. Meele arms shreds other suits if it makes contact. High ammo means it can stay pout for a long time before needed a refit. Radar system links with other team mates to provide advance warnings of incoming missles, and attacks.

    Weekness: Slowest of all suits, must get into a dog like pose, and clamp it's hands into the ground before fireing it's cannons. Cannons can only be fired in vollies, IE 1,2,3 then pause before fireing agian to retarget, and let the recoil pass on before the system can fire. Radar system is exposed at the top of the suit so be sure to set up away from the main battle so you can best use your self to your teams advantage! Also features no jet pack.

    I was thinking this would be a cool mod to make. IE could even use it's own gametypes, and clan tag support would be a big thing, so would MP. Of course the AI would need to give bot lovers a run for their money as well via some cool AI tactics I can think of.

    What do you all think? I think this would give anime fans, and mechwarrior fans something to play with for a while. Sadly I lack the skills to do it or the time right now to work at it myself.

    If anybody could make a combat mech sim mod based off of this idea it would be great!

    I was also thinking that useing tress, and rocks to your advantage should be incorperated some how as well. IE rocks and buildings for the smaller suits would be perfect cover for ambush tactics, and online play would be greatly enhanced via the use of physX in UT3 to do dynamic windows, and even allow other players to customise their suits with clan tags, text, skins, and even clokes, and the like.