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Idea for new game mode: "Assault"

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    Idea for new game mode: "Assault"

    Hello everyone

    I say honestly, i took the original idea from "Tribes: Vengeance" game and here it is:

    One big field, like football stadium in ellipse shape with big walls on sides. 2 teams. Each team has it's own cistern of plazma, or whatever. There is platform under it and while player from enemy team stands under it he actually sucks this plazma into his "bag" until he gets some limit and then he has to bring this plazma back to his base (stand in same way under his cistern and fill up his cistern). If he dies while carrying some plazma it falls down like skulls and can be picked up by someone else. The winning team is a team which has plazma left while opposing team lost all of it! For example, in the beginning each team has 1000 plazma and maximum one guy can carry is 50.

    Also i want to mention, that we may the "JetPack" mode, that will help, without a doubt, to make game funnier Or there will be no such need if there will be enough vehicles

    I have no idea how to create custom game types in UE3, i know only basics for map creating, i just share my idea in hope to meet someone who want to realize it

    PS. Can i edit a poll? I made unforgivable grammar mistake in there

    nice idea


      sounds like capture the flag with infinite flags to me :P


        sounds like a promising idea but the name needs to be changed


          Sounds like yet another variation of CTF. Mix of CTF and Greed, while Greed's already subset of CTF. Nothing new really.
          DOM has much more original idea (it doesn't matter that the idea has been taken from previous UTs), but nobody plays it. I still hope that it won't happen with JB (very original gametype too), but it's still very likely.


            Well it may seem as combination of CTF and greed, but it has few common things with both of them...

            About the name. I just had an idea, and invented this name just so there will be some Don't give any sense to it.

            WGH, i also like DOM, i even made clip about this mode to make players more interested in it. You can find it >HERE<. It's about Double Domination, since i liked it more, than usual DOM May be we can play it online some day?

            PS. What is JB game type? Never met this name...


              Jailbreak. There are JBs for all UTs, and UT3 version is currently in active development.


                I watched the trailer of it, it looks a bit boring for me. May be it's funnier with more ppl online, who knows

                Anyway i think my idea will not be realized as there is very few chances someone would like my idea so much, that he will take it And i'm too n00by in UE to create it...


                  Does not sound bad at all.
                  However, I think it's now difficult for me to say if it would be perfect or not.

                  Yes, sounds a bit like CTF but you must go from your base to another base.
                  So when someone draws our plazma and runs and I kill him, I would be able to return all so that we have 1000 points again?
                  (For example.)