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Hide & Seek (a new gametype/game/gameplay)

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    Hide & Seek (a new gametype/game/gameplay)

    After playing DM Neurok beta a new gametype idea came to me. its like hide and seek. basically you have a large map like neurok and some players are seekers and others hiders.

    How it works:
    seekers capture hiders and place them in their vaults. Hiders must try to escape from the seekers. at the end of the time, the one with the most no of hiders is the winner. And any hider who is also not in the vault is also the winner. points awarded accordingly.

    basically seekers need to capture hiders and store them in their prison vaults. each vault is known only to the a seeker and this is the player start for the seeker. once the game starts, seekers look out for hiders to catch and bring back to their vault. however other seekers can kill your catch or steal them from your vault if they discover your each time you capture one in your vault, you get bounty points and you can use it to beef your vault security. These points can used to purchase your special vehicle to put captured hiders . or else you have to carry the hider on your back all the way to the vault.

    These players are out on the run and look for hiding places in the map. They must evade capture or death from seekers. Once captured by means of a fishing net or gas, you still have the means to escape off by using your skills ( insert skills here - like beat the **** outta your seeker). But once your in the vault, you solve puzzles to beat the vault security or look for architectural loop holes on the valut to escape. you will look for resources in the valut to build gadgets to escape out of the vault. the more players captured in the vault the harder to escape, but players can utilize each others skills to break out. the more your evade capture the more the bounty point on your head.

    so now who wants some hide and seek?

    This is not going to happen i believe... once (Security puzzles) are solved it will be obvious for the hider in the vault to solve it over and over.

    Once the other seeker discovers your vault... he will be visiting it every now and then... it needs some dynamic stuff that change every time or some stuff that are controlled by the seeker.. like if you can put your own vault wherever you want to avoid the others from noticing it... about security puzzles... it sounds a bit difficult :P, instead of that you can put the hiders in a BT level.. if they finish it then they're free. if they can't then their place would be seekers' vaults


      hey aCRaSSiCauDa, a very good point you have brought out, thanks!

      so to solve that problem of other seekers trying to always loot your vault, the vault is accessed only by a warp gate. like the one you walk thru on one side and end up on another. so the seeker can at any time invoke the gate and walk thry it, but any other person who walks thru the warp gate, the gate disseminates. or the vault is locked and not easily opened and if you kill a seeker you also get the key to his vault and make it yours.

      about what hiders do when they are in the vault...hmm some creative i/p pls


        Close enough: JailBreak!

        I hear they're making progress...


          not really. checked out this jb thingy, the only thing similar is the concept of jail/vault my proposed game play is different. you can have multiple interactions among other players and not inherit default behavior from a team based approach like jb,which is pretty much defined on start.