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    **Idea!** Music Player

    Hi there. I still don't have the game yet. It should come tomorrow or the next day.

    But I had an idea for a mod.
    It would be titled "Music Player" or something like that.

    Basically, when you activate the mod it gives you either: An extra menu in the main menu or in-game you can press a specified button to open the mini-menu.

    From this menu, you can select music to play or shuffle straight off your PS3 hard drive.

    Sooo, could anyone try this? I would gladly test it if needed.


    Yeah, something that'd replace the background music on maps with your tunes of choice, ran at an appropriate sound level so you can stil hear the fight.

    Nice idea


      There is background music? Hehe when I hired it I never noticed!

      Do you by any chance know the name of some of the tracks so i can youtube search 'em?


        settings -> audio -> music set to 0 and then play your mp3s with your mp3 player of choice.


          wow 699 posts! congrats.

          but i'd rather not use an mp3 because you get better sound i believe with tv 'cos u can use any speaker setup and its coming from the same place as the game sounds.

          sorry for lack of capitals, im holding toast


            I think that Bi()ha2arD meant a music player program, not an actual, physical mp3 player.


              Umm I dont think you understand i mean on ps3...

              if you can play music from ps3 while doing this game that would work too


                oh ps3. was assuming it was a pc. and yea, i was talking about a mp3 player software.