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    Due to the fact that i am unable to rely on my final project class/team mates to do their work.

    I am requesting some help in the gathering of the following 3d Models for a mod project which is my final game design project. They dont have to look amazingly pretty as my part of the project pertains to the level design and programming aspects.

    .357 Magnum FileName= Magnum
    9mm Pistol FileName = NineMM
    ShotGun FileNAme = ShotGun
    M16 Assault Rifle FileName = AssaultRifle
    Mp5 Sub Machine Gun FileName = SMG

    Sewer Rat FileName =SewreRat
    Female Cultist in Red hooded Cloak FileName =Cultist
    Zombie FileName = Zombie
    Any other optional Scary things which might appear in a survival horror game.

    If possible i could also use the following with regards to each mesh:

    The firing animation for each weapon.
    Their Textures in a format compatible with UT3
    Each Weapon to be exported from their respective 3d programme and ready to be improted into unreal ed in .PSK and .PSA formats.

    I cant offer much in return at the moment except my gratitude and recognition in the credits of my final project as 3d Moddelers, Texturers and Animators.

    As an additional reward i will make my online webstore for custom printed shirts available to you for an extremely discounted price if you would want to print vintage style shirts with your own mods logos on them.

    I once again thank those of you who are willing to help me and understand if this request is turned down.

    what about an M29 magnum in place of the .357?


      you could maybe ask the guys @ runestorm if you can use their pitbull shotgun. but its not a replica of any real weapon.