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Request: lucario Skin

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    Request: lucario Skin

    I know i know its pokemon but i got a pic here

    First off the pic isn't mine but snowfyre's.

    second i DO have permission to use this as a reference so the request can be completed.

    I think (if done right) it would be an AWSOME unreal skin.

    I think you mean model, not skin.
    Although, being pokemon, it wouldn't be exactly stimulating in it's conversation, would it?
    Also, you'll probably be better off using a front view, side view, and back view, all of which are to be in the reference pose(whatever that would be, since I don't model).


      think lucario would rather use aura sphere(had to watch it with a kid i was baby sitting think it was the 8th movie or something) than a stinger LOL

      wouldnt mind seeing a lucario model that uses aura sphere for invasion