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    Online Virtual TableTop for RPGs

    After becoming frustrated with not being able to get a good D&D group together with my friends for a month, I decided to take matters into my own hands about a week ago and build a map program which we could all use online to control our battles, roll dice, and communicate with each other.

    • Freeform camera - view the action in 1st or 3rd/Overhead person view
    • Game Master's can create level layouts in 2 ways: 1) By doing so interactively in a level or 2) By swapping in an .ini file which has all the tile settings already for a level. The game will initialize all the map tiles before launching the game
    • Support for game world objects such as altars, debris, furniture, lighting, etc
    • Support for walls - the tiles can change their mesh to that of a wall for carving out hallways, rooms, chambers, etc. Like tiles, you can change the material used for the walls as well
    • An interactive and easy-to-use Dice Roller. Have a couple of macros for commonly-used rolls
    • The Game Master can "fudge" rolls - it will look like her rolls the dice, but he can select the intended outcome
    • Combat Tracker - whose turn is it, what effects are they under, how much health do they have, etc
    • Each tile has particle emitters for creating AE effects such as "Wall of Flame" or "Cloud of Darkness"
    • Support for walking movement and also teleport movement
    • Everyone can move everyone (just like a real tabletop). Swap places with players, slide them, push them, etc.

    Those are the things I'm working on at the moment and many of them are working already. There are some "polish" things I'd like to do down the road, but I'll worry about all of that when I finish the main features. Here are some screenshots of me teleporting around and building a level interactively with a mouse.