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    Making Hoverboard mutator...

    Hey everyone, I'm new to modding and these forums but you may have seen my other 2 threads. I plan to make a mutator for the Hoverboard making your player able to shoot the Enforcer of it of while moving (only the Enforcer, no other weapons) and just in general upgrade the Hoverboard to make it considered more of a vehicle. Why? Because I have a vehicle-based CTF map designed that would require fast movement (faster than normal) and to speed up gameplay this would help.

    I could do things like speed up the Hoverboard, give it more gravity, possible grappling or hooking on to things and more.


    The hoverboard is actually a cleverly disguised vehicle, armed with a grapple hook. There are two paths you can take:
    • Modify the grapple hook to shoot Enforcer bullets.
    • Replace the grapple hook with an actual Enforcer.

    #1 is the messiest and probably the most work, but also the approach least likely to fail. If you succeed at #2, you will have paved the way for the use of other weapons on the hoverboard and for passengers on other vehicles, Halo-style.


      thanks for the thoughts dude, I see what you mean with actually achieving being able to shoot the enforcer and drive at the same time, it is a matter of aiming and steering which will most definitely be difficult. I wonder if it is possible to change the controls so the Hoverboard moves and steers with just, what would be the left analog on xbox, and make what would be the right analog aiming and shooting- I was just saying analogs to give you a clear visual.


      EDIT: sorry mods I used a custom icon, I just now read the WIP sticky...


        Hi... just fyi, we went through this type of topic from top to bottom way back in UT2004...


        What you cannot do is have access to a players weapon inventory when they are the driver of a hoverboard (or any other vehicle). What you can do is create a specific weapon and auto-magically give it to a player when they mount the hoverboard.

        For example, what we did was auto-magically give the hoverboard driver a sort of insta-gib laser gun;


        We initially wanted to allow full use of weapons (and grapple) while on the hoverboard, but here's part of what jb explained to us early on in Chaos for UT2004;

        Ok to make a long story short we really need to deep six the current Hoverboard concept. Only because its gonna to take way too much time to fix it proper code wise and not 100% its even fixable do to the code and Epic's use of native code with vehicles. The crux of this problem centers on the player using his own weapons while controlling the hoverboard. Again remember starting with UT2k3 your player consist of a pawn and a controller class. The controller is what handles your input (or its a bot class) as it "posseses" your pawn, and the pawn is just what we see. The problem we have is that when you enter the vehicle, you "un-posses" the player pawn and now possess the vehicle. The problem stems from the fact that your weapons are keep in your player pawn class which looses all direct control when you posses the vehicle. What we have been able to do is hack in a way to do some firing, but its not at all what we need to do to be the same thing. There are other things going on when you hit fire and the code stars firing. These are all hidden in native code....
        Coders are always such a buzz kill!

        Good luck, have fun!


          UT3 is different, though. Handheld weapons are now much more closely related to vehicle weapons.