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Is there a way to make staged rain?

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    Is there a way to make staged rain?

    Hey guys I'm new to modding here. I was wondering if it's possible to combine a mutator and a staged sequence of raining on a map.

    Pretty much, I want to know if you can do this. Be playing a map, maybe stormy or dark, and then it's starts raining hard for about 30 secs, and it comes in stages. Well why use a mutator? I want to be able to make the rain affect your screen so it basically gets "in your eyes".

    I got this idea from Gears 2, with the staged environment on the map Avalanche.

    Thanks everyone.

    Combining this into mutator would be hard, rain would just looks silly in for eg. space maps. Also for better effect many materials require that added water drop noise, and shiny reflection. You cannot do such thing with generic mutator, you need to make your own map.

    But making map with changing weather is quite possible. For eg. DM-Thor from CBP. Lots of scripting in kismet, some toggle materials, 1-3 toggle directional lights, lots of emitters and rain sheets.