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    To have "real" bots would it be possible to do things like record demos of 1v1 matches and have the bots "learn" what the players do? Thereby being able to build up a bot over time that would learn the moves of a pro player and be able to play like him?

    Its probably really hard to pull off but it'd be interesting to see.


      Learning AI would be cool, but a bit too far off at this point, I think, to expect.

      One of the things that drove me away from Q3 were the obnoxious text messages they'd send that seemed like they were designed more to immitate player-speak than what the character might actually be saying in that real situation.

      If I recall they'd send smilies and things sometimes... It felt like I was fighting, say, Hunter, but Hunter as she sat at her computer playing me instead of her in the arena fighting to prevent her eternal damnation...

      What I love most about bots is the ability to customize them and simulate actually being there, to simulate a single-player experience within the context of the game. There's too much online that prevents that.

      I suppose it's a matter of there being two different outlooks on bots. You've got the online people who think of bots as "a necessary evil" to fill in for players who aren't there, and then you've got people who love bots because we'd otherwise miss-out on online/MP-style-only games.
      It's residue from growing up when being a gamer was unpopular; something one did to avoid people, not find them. A form of escapism to go be in another world for a while.
      The irony, of course, is that gaming was always meant to be social, and as much so as possible, so it's understandable that this perspective is not commonly understood.
      But, yeah, making bots seem like online players would destroy much of what I use bots for, which would lead to many of these suggestions being considered disadvantages.

      I agree we need to continue to make bots feel like real people, but to do so in the way they fight, move and react / prepare, and coordinate not how they trash talk or whether they screw around when you need them to be helping you. Basically, to make them feel like real people within the given game universe, not real players sitting at their keyboards spamming roflol and tea-bagging you while their name is seven colors and consists of a non-alphanumeric, sticky-caps-style spelling of some fourth-grade dirty word.

      We need a more sophisticated means of giving orders and arranging bots.

      Ie: Bishop, Defend - Prime - in - Darkwalker.
      Reaper, Cover - Orbrunner - in - Scorpion.
      Othello, Defend - Prime - from Bridge - With - Sniper.
      Jester, Collect - AVRiL, then - Cover - Kana.
      Kana, Defend - East Road Node - in - Hellbender.

      Dom, Baird, - take cover - around this doorway; Cole, - Bang and Clear. (specific AI behaviors that could be executed on request: in this case, throw a grenade, then equip the shotgun and attempt to clear out stragglers.)

      Dom, - provide flank support, Baird - draw fire - from - that Grinder, Cole, - get a frag out - under that Reaver, Tai - Close that hole...

      (Take / Cover: view changes to highlight cover links that the bot will attempt to go to once selected. If a team-mate is highlighted, order will change to: Cover/support this team-mate.
      Provide flank support: bot gets position of the player and attempts to find cover links and pathnodes perpendicular to the player's location and provide support fire.
      Draw Fire: aim reticle is used to select an enemy as a target for the bot, enemies who recently moved out of view remain selectable briefly, then must be reacquired. Bot will hassle and continually engage the target to prevent target from attacking other friendlies.
      Frag out: Similar to Draw Fire, bot will toss a grenade at the specified target, target destinations change to locations such as a cover point [get a frag behnd that cover] to a Reaver or Boomer, to an E-hole.
      Close that Hole: Faster version of Frag out, bot will use any explosives on-hand to attempt to close the target hole, or the nearest hole if none is specified.)

      Like any Commander or Squad Leader, knowing when and how to execute commands like this can be the difference between winning and getting your squad killed, so telling Cole to Bang and Clear into a large courtyard filled with Theron and Snipers will be a bad idea, but should work very well in tight quarters...
      Sorry to go off into Gears-land for a bit, but it lends itself better to specific examples.

      If SP games are going to insist on having squads and AI-coop buddies, give me a fluid, sophisticated orders system so I can have them do something useful instead of blocking my aim and taking all my guns.
      Can you imagine how much more complex and demanding fights could be if the bots were as capable as the player, and could be ordered to actually perform specific tactical tasks?

      That may be too far off, as well, however.

      Learning AI could be faked this way, however.
      For the sake of ease I'm going back into Gears-land, but the idea could carry over into UT:
      You've got Dom, Baird and Cole, all very seasoned soldiers, and then you've got two newbie soldiers. The Newbies don't have the specific actions yet: they can't Bang and Clear, can't Close Hole, can't Draw Fire, etc...
      However, they can do basic things like Cover teammates. While Newbie A is covering Baird, both are capable of advanced actions. After 5 or 6 repeats of the command, Newbie A acquires the ability to Bang and Clear, after having "learned" the skill from Baird.

      Newbie A can now be paired with Newbie B and can teach Newbie B Bang and Clear. This would encourage the player to interact with their bots, because doing so will actively make them better, basically, the player is improving his wepaonry in this way, like an upgrade system. It would also encourage the player to go out of his way to keep his bots alive, assuming that Newbie A and B are generic Redshirt COGs who can die off at any point. This will encourage the player to become attached to other characters as gameplay mechanics, which will lead to them caring about the characters as characters, facilitating the story-telling that SP games are so infatuated with these days.

      I dunno. That's what I want from bots, anyway.