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    Animal Crossing Level

    Lol this Stage would be really weird and I duno if I should have even posted this Idea, It might be to much XP

    But yeah, can you see it? Blood flying threw the world of Animal Crossing XP
    (just plan wrong, and that's why wii like it)

    But yeah, this one would be kewl i guessh

    (credit to the Spriters Recourse for this rip)

    I was actually thinking about this yesterday, either this or a Lost Winds style level.
    I've got too much else on to make it unfortunately.


      Originally posted by Masloff Dew View Post
      I duno if I should have even posted this Idea
      That's a coincidence I thought exactly the same thing.

      I'm trying to find something positive to say about brining anything Animal Crossing related anywhere near beloved UT3.

      It might encourage more women to want to play. There's that's the best I could come up with.

      How about a 'cooking mama' map?


        LOL a cooking mama map, That's funny , I can see somebody twisting that
        into a horror level XP, but yeah I duno, I just was thinking of that little person
        going out to get there mail, when a bunch of huge buff crazy people with guns run by
        murdering each other and blood going everywhere. That poor person.. XP
        they'd be like O_o


          Add some screens from actual game, to give better idea how it should look. Maybe somebody will make such map. I imagine minime in that style could be great.


   (this is a brawl screen, but it's still animal crossing kinda)

            There are'nt very many good pics but I found a youtube vid that kinda works