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Off-hand grappling hook

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    Off-hand grappling hook

    There are many things I would love to see added to this game, but the single biggest desire I've had since day 1, would be the off-hand grappling hook. I realize the game is already aging, but I would still play daily if such a thing existed.

    We had one in our UT2004 mod ( ChaosUT2 ), but we lost our coder when he decided he didn't want to code for UT3.

    What we do still have is a private server, and forums, both gathering dust. Would love to put them both to use in support of anyone who has the ability and desire to create an offhand grapple for UT3. In addition to my first-born male child, if requested.

    Ever since I first lost my online virginity with Hexenworld years ago, nothing has been able to match the feel of playing an FPS with the freedom of movement and true really fast and "3d" action that an offhand hook brings. In all game types, everywhere, all the time.

    ( btw, we even have a model someone could use - )


    Very nice model, I too was a big fan of Hexen and I agree the grapple was really cool and very useful.


      Originally posted by JD8 View Post
      ... I agree the grapple was really cool and very useful.
      Yeah, it completely changes the game. IMO, vastly superior to a translocator. It's just a shame that nobody has been able to pull it off for UT3. I know at least several folks have tried, attempts have been made, but for whatever reason... nobody has been successful yet.

      But, even over a year later, I'm still hoping the right person comes along to try.


        Theres a grappling vehicle in beta releases called the XS: Parasite.


          Well, thanks for the reply. And Xyx does do some fine work, but .... that's not even close to what I'm hoping for. I'm talking about a 'traditional' off-hand grappling hook that the player carries with them at all times. As found in many FPS games over the years.

          Thanks anyway!


            What games would these be?
            I've played quite a few fps, none of which had grappling hooks, except what modder's implemented.