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    crotchshot mod

    any chance for a crotch shot mod i usto love that one for the original UT it worked with all guns and then u got one it worked the same as the head shot with the announcer voice and a message across the screen

    Yeah, a timeless classic, that one... Unfortunately, no one seems interested in remaking it (I posted a request here ages ago).


      What does it do?


        kinda like headshot but when shot in the crotch you would get

        "CROTCH SHOT"

        never used it but it sounds hell funny

        a custom death message would also be nice

        like <player name> lost his manhood


          haha, that would be so great, i would down load it. i wouldnt be that hard to do i dont think, eh? anybody out there? lol


            Originally posted by Superking17 View Post
            What does it do?
            Description (from The original version can be downloaded here.

            CrotchShot adds an intensity to Unreal Tournament that can
            not be found elsewhere. Fully packed with its own special announcer sounds, HUD notification and messages, CrotchShot feels like a natural extension of the game.

            CrotchShot is a fast-paced battle of skill, wits and aim. Only the enforcer or sniper rifle can score a crotch shot, so even a player who just respawned has the potential to instantly kill others around him (provided he has the skill).

            The rules? Well (although they may be obvious), just shoot
            for the groin using the enforcer or sniper rifle, and your opponents will instantly die, writhing in crotch-pain.

            - 3 crotch shots without dying makes you the Crotch Master.
            - 5 crotch shots without dying and you have achieved Crotch Domination!
            Aim carefully and be patient; crotch-shots only come to those who wait.

            • Get a crotch shot with the enforcer or the sniper rifle
            • CrotchShot, Crotch Master, and Crotch Domination announcer sounds
            • Custom crotch death messages (which, incidentally, are hilarious!)
            • "Enforcer Arena" option allows for more CrotchShots in a match
            • HUD notification of crotchshots (much like headshots)

            BTW, you could also have an alternative version where crotch shots don't insta-kill, but instead do an x amount of damage (say 45HP or whatever) and cause people to moan and fall down (like feign death) for a sec or two. Of course if your health is low, you'll still get killed.

            Or you could for example make a version where Sniper crotch shots always kill (or take a lot of HP), and Enforcer crotch shots take x HP and knock people down.


              if i could code i would make it