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    Rock-Paper-Scissors+other ideas

    Alright, my first idea goes like this: it's a capture the flag match, and the map has 3 or 4 "corners"

    The gameplay follows this pattern:
    Team one can enter team 2s "zone" and capture their flag. However, Team 2 can only do damage to team one when standing in their own base. BUT team two can go after team 3s flag, and all teams follow this pattern. To elaborate, team 1 and 3 couldn't hurt eachother (in a 4 team match), neither could teams 2-4 because they couldn't invade nor be invaded by that team, and a team could get a penalty for being in a 'wrong' zone.

    Sort of like king of the hill: briefcase match. The idea is from Perfect Dark from N64. You capture an enemy briefcase, and if it stays in your small area, you get points. But at any point the enemy can run up and kill you and return it instantly like a flag or just pick it up and have to carry it back to their base (you don't get points for your own briefcase).

    Of course, any modes available in UT2004 that were taken out would be awesome. A last-team-standing match would be nice.


    Anyone remember the razor-blade throwing thing from UT? The shredder or razorjack or whatever it was called.

    The rail-gun or nailgun or whatever it was in Painkiller where you could pin an enemy to the wall and they would flop around.

    Any sort of alien-type weapons would be fun. Prey had various examples (like the gun that could be charged at a fire/ice/electricity/laser node), Half-life games obviously had some.

    Anyone coming up with like a melee match with swords, chainsaws, etc?

    A doom-themed deathmatch mode would be awesome. Chainsaw, guns, BFG, and the like.

    And I'm sure this has been stated a billion times: gravity gun, like half-life 2. If anyone was interested in a starting point, someone made a gravity gun for the original unreal tournament as a mutator! with all the necessary stuff (like explosive barrels, concrete blocks, etc that respawn automatically if thrown into an abyss)

    Weapon powerups would be cool: Warpath (Unreal 2 engine) had a version where you'd start with a couple power-ups, some would increase weapon output, some would alter the way the projectile would act. All accessible by a key command then point-and-click.

    As a joke: mecha hitler or anyone else from Wolfenstein. Bonus points for using the original sound.

    Anyone remember the razor-blade throwing thing from UT? The shredder or razorjack or whatever it was called.
    Do you mean the ripper? search for "ripper" or "ripper lite", Parser has done those.


      Making one map is tons of work, so any gametype that requires several new maps is several times tons of work (plus coding the gametype itself). Gametypes that do not require new maps might actually be relatively easy to code.

      Anything requiring more than two teams is also problematic; UT3 has its Red and Blue pretty much hardcoded.


        I think that Rock-Paper-Scissors gametype would be badass. It's close to the faction wars in GTA2 (if anyone in here has played it), and it sounds it would get a lot of fun.

        I thing that should happen in the next UT. As technology is rising so fast, internet speed is gonna get bigger (and hopefully less expensive). That will lead to a "massification" in on-line players and new gametypes with bigger maps for more than two teams.

        About the weapons, some badass weapons from Unreal2 would be better. Maybe the "Duster"? And the "Hydra"?