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    Hunting Gametype?

    I was thinking about a mutator in another thread where player become beast like, and it given me the idea for a hunting gametype, so it would be something like:

    Red Team = Predators
    Blue team = Prey

    Have a modified sniper rifle and / or a flak cannon (shotgun). They are bigger than normal (15%) and are almost exactly like titans, no dodging etc. They must kill the prey to score.

    Are almost invisible, and can only use a impact hammer / melee attack. They move faster than normal as well. They must kill the prey to survive. One sniper shot will kill them, and two impacts / melee will kill a predator.

    These prey have higher, quickly regenerating health, but have a weaker attack and so rely on others to keep them safe. Their high health though, resistant to two sniper shots means they are good at shielding their protectors however.

    Each team must try and kill the other, but the prey are have a higher incentive to swarm attack and then run. Predators can fight more or less solo and easily in 1v1. Each player only has one life though. When playing as the prey you spawn as either prey or prey2.

    Anyone got any ideas, im trying to think of a way to influence solo on one team and high teamwork on another?

    Sounds a lot like another gametype I started mapping for a while back, that one also never got off the ground and I now have a bunch of more or less horribly unbalanced and/or HUGE CTF and DM maps that are about 75% done for a game type that will probably never exist.

    Now, I think you're on to something with this, but I'd rather see something more akin to "Assassination" from GoW. I think I had a thread on it a while back, but it got shoved down the black abyss of the forums (lol).

    Anyways, I think teamplay should be emphasized all around in any gametype, otherwise people will just want to be whatever the more powerful one is and then drop out to go join a new game where they can be the more powerful type... and eventually all will get bored quickly and stop playing the gametype altogether.


      Was that the gametype with the bodyguards, that sounded really good, unfortunately i cant do anything on that level right now.

      Teamplay definately needs to be emphazised. I was trying to come up with a way where one team could go in solo, competing for the highest score whereas the other team had to work together in swarms to win with a combined score...

      I'm gonna quickly whip up a demo and hopefully it wont be anything the bots can't handle, no major game changes. Relatively the same as tdm, but on larger maps.