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Mortar Cannon (Idea Thread)

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    Mortar Cannon (Idea Thread)

    I rarely post my ideas in these forums, usually because I don't usually post up just ideas unless I can't actually do most of the work myself... which is the case with this idea...

    I could probably build the model and UVW map it in a snap, but as far as rigging and scripting... we'll just say I'm an idiot when it comes to that stuff...

    I got this idea when I was mulling around a few weapon ideas for a Warfare map I plan on building soon that does not have vehicles of any sort... but I still wanted to have some of the more powerful weapons that the vehicles can offer...

    So I figured that it was about high time we had a Weapon that lbs smaller versions of the Hellfire/Eradicator shells...

    The primary fire would allow you to change the trajectory (no cameras like the vehicles have) similar to the Mortars in Gears of War 2.

    Secondary Fire mode would actually change the types of mortars launched out of the following:

    - High Explosive (one big shell, like a Goliath shell good for anti-tank and anti-Turret attacks)

    - Spread Shot (Just like Hellfire/Eradicator, but less shells and a bit less damage, good for anti-personnel)

    - Air Burst EMP (at the peak of it's trajectory, the shell explodes and acts as a mid-air EMP mine for taking out aircraft... making more people strive to get Jump Boots before hopping in that Raptor)

    - Smoke Shell (starts to emit smoke when it hits the ground and lasts for about 8-10 seconds emitting heavy smoke: Excellent for sneaking your buddies in the back door while you rain down Hell in front. No more than 1 of these can be active for any one player)

    - Bio-Gas Shell (Starts to emit a nasty, corrosive green gas that will eat up anything and made from the same goo as the Bio Rifle ammo. Will damage friendly and enemy players, vehicles, and nodes AND uses a LOT of ammo, as to prevent spam)

    Anyways, the idea is there and sounds solid (and badass, since we don't have nades to lob, we can have variable mortars instead, which will be compatible with UT3's weapon style)

    Let me know what you think, and maybe if you feel up to helping with the project, we can collaborate and make some fun for everyone.

    This is NOT, I repeat NOT, going to be entered in the MSUC as I feel that trying to meet deadlines on simple collaborative projects like this often lead to rushed-quality end results. If the entire group wants to enter it later, when it is 100% done, then we could discuss it... but for now, no contest plans for me personally....

    I feel I got burned on PsychoTropix, wasted more than a year building custom content only to have every last person complain about the filesize and not much other feedback, then it bombed because I got jack for feedback, and people keep asking why I am not interested in going back to change it.... PsychoTropix is dead and deleted and I am not going through that again.

    Sounds interesting. Some random questions...
    • How does primary fire "change the trajectory"? Doesn't primary fire simply fire the thing (since altfire changes the loadout)?
    • How does the weapon aim? Ballistic projectiles are comparatively difficult to get on target, especially when firing at stuff behind hills or walls. Is it...
      1. Point at target and the weapon will automatically calculate the muzzle velocity?
      2. Point at target and the weapon will automatically calculate the angle (like the SPMA)?
      3. The weapon displays its predicted trajectory on the HUD (like the SPMA)?
      4. No aiming support (like the Flak Cannon and Biorifle)?

    • If I were to fire the EMP along a low trajectory, could I stun Mantas or Goliaths?
    • Will the bio-gas allow me to kill my teammates?
    • Which weapon is the suggested replacement?

    I might be able to offer some assistance with the various aiming modes, should you get to that part.


      - You would hold the fire button and on your hud you would see an arc starting from the weapon's muzzle and panning higher to it's maximum trajectory. Whenever you release the fire button or it reaches maximum trajectory, it will fire (or possibly cancel the fire after a moment, that's up for debate... (just in case you realize that the target's out of range).

      It also shouldn't be 100% accurate and should fire a burst of 3 shells in a more or less random spread pattern.

      - The actual aiming I assume will have to be very similar to the SPMA, but can only be seeing while charging up to fire.

      I guess to best describe the "feel" of it would be a Charge-Up attack like the old Hellbender in 2k4 (except that the Charge would determine the amount of force launching the shells) and the SPMA's reticle after deploying the camera.

      Since the attack will make a 3-round spread, it will eat up ammo fast, but can potentially devastate enemies behind covered positions.

      - Mantas, yes, but probably not Goliaths. I would probably prefer they just take a fair amount of damage since they will take a beating from the spread and high explosive rounds.

      - Yes, the Bio Gas should be able to harm anyone. Perhaps a Warning on the Hud for friendly Gas could be implemented, or even half damage for team gas. Team vehicles should be immune, but enemy vehicles take half damage. Should NOT harm cores and nodes in Warfare though.

      - If I HAD to choose a slot, it should Probably fit in either the Stinger or Avril slot. I could see getting some flamage for replacing Avrils, so more than likely the Stinger or Flak (as a last resort, I like Flak lol).

      Again, this is an idea thread, the idea here is to get as much feedback and put this thing together in a way that makes it balanced, fun, and not bulky or awkward. It should fit in UT3 like it was meant to be in UT3.


        Another idea that was given to me by a friend was to make it fire like the old Flak Mortars in 2k4, but much farther based on how long you charge it. The crosshair could be at the apex of the arch trajectory.

        I think it will all come down to playing with it and deciding which one works best.