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UTcomp type idea/fix/update/replacement

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    UTcomp type idea/fix/update/replacement

    A lot of the competitive community would like more customizable features in UT3 and UTcomp or something simular. One of the main ones being (real) bright skins. The problem now is that colored skins fade in and out depending on how close they are to you. If they are far away they are bright red or blue (default, or if your using UTComp, then they are bright red,blue,green,yellow, or what ever you choose using the mutator. If they are close it doesn't matter what color they are, the skin ends up looking like its regular deathmatch counter part. Necris skins are particularly bad. Now for the idea/fix/update. In the new gametype "Betrayal", there is a bright blue skin overlay when you are teamed up. There are also great overlays in the BTFA/BTA gametype which can be seen here and comes , and comes with the source code. There are a few bright skin built in and that is the idea. Add these to UTcomp, or lets make something better and more supported.

    Over all I cant see this as being to difficult to add to an existing mutator or to make from scratch to work with the existing utcomp or something similar for a good UT3 coder. If I knew unreal script I would just do this myself and present it to the community and be loved but I dont so I ask for someone to help me (us) with this.

    Post any ideas that are helpful and constructive.

    Im not asking Epic for any help. Im asking the community for help in creating this mutator.

    This is very much needed. Just a push in the right direction would be appreciated.


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