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Server Change map /profile when empty!

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    Originally posted by Malachor View Post
    Ok, I'd like some clarification about what is meant by "boot profile".
    As much info as you can provide.
    Actually, is what you want similar to what this person is asking about?
    Well as long as it boots in a default profile it doesn't matter

    But I was thinking of a mutator which checks the server is empty and no one is downloading a map (if possible dunno!) then after a set time period (maybe configurable via ini ) it just reboots the server via the command line ( just like when you enter 'quit' in the managment console in webadmin)

    That way if your command line doesn't load the 'reboot mutator' its not rebooting all the time.

    well thats my thoughts on it m8.

    sorry for the delay getting back to the thread as I've been away


      Bump - any news?


        Unfortunately I do, and it's not good.
        I don't have enough of an idea of precisely what needs to happen to be able to do this.

        I think you'll be better off asking someone who has done some server mutators.


          No problem Malachor, thanks for the effort. Anyone else wanna give this one a try?


            I can't believe no one else sees the need for this mutator. A server advertizes in the server browser under the gametype of the map that is currently running. So if I have a DM map running on the server my server will show up in the DM list of the server browser. So anyone looking for my server in it's usual DM spot will find it right away. If someone comes on the server and votes in BR, for example, the server will then only show up for people browsing for BR servers. Some folks will think our server is down when it's really up and running fine. To make matters even worse and again using BR as the example, if the person browsing has not installed BR on their computer they will not see our server at all because their computer will not list it in the server browser.

            Our server is normally a DM server and someone can vote it to a different gametype then leave. When they are gone the server can sit there all day with no one coming in to play because they can't find the server in the browser and think it's down. A simple mutator that monitors if there are no players for a certain period of time then kicks it back to the default gametype would solve this problem. I'm not a coder but this just seems like a must have mutator now that UT3 has built in gametype voting. I know I can't be the only one that sees the need for something like this.