I have one weapon and one power up(?) ideas for competitive play mostly. These can bring some beat'em up soul to Ut3 i think. Anyways here i go;

First one is Instant Reflector;

It reflects all attacks from you to around for 0.5 or 1 second with an instant usage(medium radius; lets say half of shock combo's radius). It will have a long cooldown to use again(like 10 seconds). So usually you wont able to use it more than once in a combat. My english isnt so good, i hope i could tell it right

Second one is alternate for Shaft;

Shaft will give no or very very little damage to opponent. But it will cripple almost totally instead of old shaft(%50-70). Besides of crippling you will able to move and throw(not that much) your opponent with shaft. This weapon's switch time is will be instant too. That means you will able to make crazy weapon combos. Or you will able to move away opponent from the armor, or you will able to send him to behind the corner which he turned.

For example you hold your enemy on with your shaft and you threw him high. As soon as you threw him you can switch rocket launcher and gain a air-rocket frag. Think about sniper and shock combo. It would be fun i think.

The good thing is opponent isnt totally hopeless. He can use reflector or he can use shaft too to unbalance you. This can be an alternate weapon or a replacement for link gun 2nd. Its just idea

There can be additions of course but the main question is, can these be done?