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    I am the reaper

    I don't have much on my idea, but it is an idea, and it's a good one.

    Stay tuned.

    Whether you're a king or a lowly street sweeper
    sooner or later you all face the reaper.

    Is it the horned reaper from Dungeon keeper?


      Nope, you wish it was him because this guy is the baddest *** ever. I have done some work on him, but as I am more into my amber shot at the moment, it may take me a few more day's to get into it. I am running with the idea of a guy (The reaper) who wakes up in the middle of a misty town with no people around, just misshapen and contorted creatures. The influence came about whilst watching silent hill. I prefer the games but the settings in the film were top notch! Anyway, the reaper wears a balaclava, leather jacket and basic jeans. I was thinking his weapon should be a scythe (Fitting for someone called the reaper).

      I want to make an enjoyable, albeit, short hack and slash game which is heavily story driven. If it takes off, then I will continue to make episodes of it.

      I don't expect to make a full on conversion but I want to implement some of my own stuff into it. So, static meshes, new camera angle, textures (I may need some help with this) and new enemies. Because the prospect of making a full conversion seems fruitless for one person, this will be a very short affair but will hopefully show off what I can do. I am indeed aiming for the kind of feeling you get when you play silent hill so, sheer bottom clenching terror is on for the agenda.

      Does anyone know to go about making unreal 3 a third person without having to make it a mutator? This would be very beneficial to me. Even if I were to copy and paste the code (I know that's frowned upon but I'm no coder so.... meh).


        console command: behindview 1
        If you're doing a single player game, you'll probably have to do a new gametype, which means you could(or have to) make a new player controller class which would let you change the camera angle, but all of that is more involved than a mutator.

        Horror, hmmm that would be involved as well. Trying to get the right atmosphere.


          I have a good knack for atmosphere. I have a pretty messed up head. Blame my mother for letting me play violent games since I was two. Funny that though, I didn't end up as a masochistic, ****** murderer.