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[CONCEPT] war-convoy (taken)

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    Originally posted by Orbatlon View Post
    So if I see it correctly, the blue team has 5 darkwalkers? Isn't that a bit too much? I think one darkwalker is enough.
    Well, if you remember, I said "They couldn't ever be used." These DarkWalkers were for the invasion, but as the colony was on the run, they weren't ever used. Also, they were there with the same purpose as the Krall's human containers: If the other team has the human vessel controlled, they have access to the turrets. The Darkwalkers and containers give the other team some protection as they go from the Core to the Prime Node. (Like the pipes in AS-Convoy).

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    So if I see it correctly, the blue team has 5 darkwalkers? Isn't that a bit too much? I think one darkwalker is enough.

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    "I'm about to begin my first steps on an Editor and I got this idea, but as I am too perfectionist, if I started working on this, I would certainly not like my work, get depressed and hang myself up. Or better yet, I wouldn't know where to start."
    Technically, you've already started with this post.
    You could start by drawing/making some static meshes to go into this. Or some concept pictures.

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  • started a topic [CONCEPT] war-convoy (taken)

    [CONCEPT] war-convoy (taken)


    This is the concept thread. (W.I.P. thread coming soon)

    First of all, WAR-CONVOY isn't supposed to be AS-CONVOY, but another map in another setting that could bring back the essence of that UT2k4 map. Also, this map would serve as the reason why Assault is outdated (when you extended the platform, couldn't the attackers just get the platform back to it's original place? Also, the defenders could simply jam the platform controls. Game over). WAR-TankCrossing tries to prove it, but it's simply too poor, too simple, too strict, too blargh.

    So, here go all of my ideas for WAR-Convoy (I've put the text in topics to facilitate reading):


    The history for this map would be like this:

    - Way before the UT3's Single Player Storyline started, the Necris are trying to attack a mining colony in a remote planet.

    - Apparently, this remote mining colony had packed their things to a big vessel and are on the run, but not because of the Necris: The Krall were preparing to attack the mining colony to "make hotdogs outta human meat". They were hunting humans for their meat.

    - The Necris had decided to attack as well, not because of the poor colony's meat, but because of a technology being developed there: The FLaGs.

    - Because both the Necris and the Krall wanted to take the colony's vessel, they started to attack each other. And that's it.

    - Something seems to not making sence: Aren't the Krall allies of the Necris? Also, don't all reptillian species (Krall, Skarjj) species enjoy Nali meat instead of human?
    - A rebel tribe of Krall actually enjoyed human meat better than Nali, therefore this tribe was allways attacking human colonies.
    - The Skarjj, seeing that that could compromise their pact with the humans, promised that if the Necris took out the Krall, then they could send them some of their Krall slaves. (The Skarjj knew that even if they borrowed some of their slaves, the Necris wouldn't ever conquer the same species that destroyed their Mothership.)


    The whole setting of this map would be like this:

    - On a very clouded afternoon, almost night, so this map would be darker than AS-Convoy.

    - The map would be composed of the main vessel, with textures looking like the original, but with much more detail.
    - Lots of human bodies could be all over this vessel.
    - This vessel would be composed of three levels.
    - The first (lowest) level would have two nodes (one in the front and another one in the back and some wrecked Hellbenders (some close to each node and drivable when this node is captured.
    - The second level would have lots of containers with the words on the side: "FOOD", "WATER", "CLOTHING"... elements to sustain a mining human colony, but one of the containers would be different, saying "TOP SECRET: BETA TECHNOLOGY DEVICE: temporary name: FLaG" (the thing the Necris were after).
    - The top level would be full of rooms (AS-HighSpeed style), side turrets to protect the vessel from enemies and the control in front, looking like a today's naval ship control room, with some little easter eggs: Some poor humans dead lying on the floor, and close to them an open book with the cover upside. It's name: WAR OF THE WORLDS. Also, a screen on the controls, where you could read: "We aren't carrying any missiles. Go away." (reminding AS-Convoy's NEXUS missiles).

    - The map would have also two roofless vessels: One from the Krall on the right side, and one from the Necris, on the left side.

    - The Krall vessel would be like this:
    - Roofless, Gray-colored, with some rust.
    - With a very out-dated look.
    - Various Axon Corporation signs indicate this vessel was stolen long ago or "found on the garbage" by the Krall.
    - You could tell it belonged to the red team because of the blood all over the vessel. Also, some human skeletons and bones would be spread all over the vessel, more in the front: human skeletons and blood like flies on a car windshield.
    - The core room would be a room with the vessel's engines and the core is sort of a power generator for the engines.
    - From the core to the prime (platform) node, some containers would be there. They would be very rusty, with the words "Human Meat" on the side. If you fire against them, you get the sound that proves that they are made of metal and hollow.
    - The platform would look like the AS-Convoy platform. It would be extended by capturing the prime-node.
    - With another smaller roofless support vessel, close to the prime (platform) node. In here you get more weapons, an orb and a turret.
    - Since the Krall have a poor technology, their weapons would be slightly different. The normal (UT2k4) minigun, with rusty replacing the stinger minigun (SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS MINIGUN), and the ripper (already made in this forum) replacing the Flack Cannon on the weapons locker. (Note that the Necris would have normal weapons (I don't know if this is possible, but if it is possible, the map would be a lot cooler).

    - The Necris vessel would be like this:
    - Roofless, Black-colored, very clean.
    - With a very futuristic look, like all of Necris vehicles.
    - You could tell it belonged to the blue team due to all the blue neons it had.
    - The core room would be the operations\control room. Very alien-look.
    - From the core to the prime (platform) node, 5 Darkwalkers would be there. They couldn't ever be used.
    - The platform would look very futuristic. It would rotate to the direction of the human vessel and grow up in length. Also, three Necris "pipes(?)" would be fired from the Necris vessel into the human vessel
    - With another smaller roofless support vessel, close to the prime (platform) node. In here you get more weapons, an orb and a turret.
    - Another easter egg would be here. A monitor with a Messenger program with communications between the Necris and Skaarj, about the rebel tribe of human eaters and the Skaarj promisse of slaves.

    - Also, the Prime Nodes would be located under the platforms.

    - All vessels should be much bigger than the original, but more on width.


    - Here's an image of the whole map (Paint cr@p):