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    Finally it has come! Here we have our first draft of Fact3. What is Fact3? Fact3 is a Steampunk Total Conversion game of Unreal Tournament 3 made by a team of 12 students of l’Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue campus Longueuil.

    The team:
    Nicolas Barrière
    Annick Bédard
    Frédéric Bouchard
    Maxime Dontigny
    Samuel Kack
    Jean-Christophe Goyette
    Maxime Lebel (MXcode)
    Bernard Millet
    Paméla Morier
    Josiane Roger
    James Roman
    Etienne Savoie (Validuss)
    Under the supervisions of our teacher:
    Gilbert Arcand (Alcor43)

    The basic storyline:
    35 Pyrons 13739 - Dr. Evan MacLewind created a machine which will revolutionize the future. This invention inspired great numbers of inventors and soon a whole civilization entered into an era of prosperity based on this machine. This invention was named the steam engine. During hundreds and even thousands of years, this Industrial population, which was called Children of the Steam, created all kinds of inventions improving their lifestyle and facilitating their conquests. They had no problem overcoming or assimilating the other people which still followed the old traditions based on nature and old beliefs. No magic or voodoo can compete with a ball.

    14620 - The conquest was total. Everyone was under their iron hand. Being victorious, the need to invent new weapons became useless and thus technological improvements became increasingly rare. Those with thirst for conquests turned towards their desire of power and not a long time after, a large gap was created between the various social classes. The bureaucrats lived increasingly old while the citizens carried out a way of life of keen work. The increasing need for materials affected the natural resources, which decreased at an alarming speed.

    15141 - The natural resources being depleted, the best means to grow rich was to abuse the population, by pushing them to buy panoply of useless but attracting gadgets. At this point in time the inventors became designers. Accessories were created for inner discovery, self enhancements and creativity. The world entered a new era, the post-industrialization.

    15739 - The lack of potable water became alarming. On 35 Pyron, during the 2000th birthday of the steam engine, chaos broke out. Hundreds of machines came out of the vestiges of nature. Mechanical machines equipped with their own will and animated by an unknown force, attacked the Capital and destroyed any trace of command. The population went in anarchy. Among these machines, called the Rusties, some people saw humans which seemed to control supernatural forces. The same forces that the Industrials thought overcome approximately a thousand years ago. But this time their primitive technology was much more evolved.

    15750 - The war broke between the Industrials and the Rusties for control over the remaining natural resources. Several cities felt under the influence of the Rusties or were completely destroyed. Because of this urgent need, the Industrials restarted building weapons of all kinds to make it possible for the population to defend itself against the invaders. Since there was no more chain of command, the voluntary fighters gathered and founded their own rules. Even with all the chaos, the Industrials started to see order.

    15752 - The first victories of the Industrials were accomplished. Although they lost most of their territory, they were now fighting with equal forces. The war is now about to take a new path which will decide the fate of the planet. Our story starts here.

    Class-type game
    Custom inventory for each class
    Custom pawn properties
    Custom weapon
    Custom character
    Custom map
    Custum Pickups
    Custom Frontend and menu

    Script for the Class-type game is base on the CTF+.
    The in-game mesh change is base on the Micah71381 script.

    Thanks to the Unreal Community for your help.

    We will release Fact3 around April.

    For more information go to

    There was mention of a video?


      Updated! :P


        Yeah, uhm... I would remove the first two minutes of that video. Seeing you type in your CD key and adjusting the brightness wasn't exactly thrilling, and watching you adjust your sound options made me fast-forward to the action.


          yeah It's true that it is long before the gamplay, but we put a lot of effort to make the menu.
          I will crop the video in two part then. One for the UI and one for the gameplay.


            The maps look a little empty.


              It's a WIP.


                It's pretty good for what it is - a couple (?) of player models and a new weapon.


                  Originally posted by MXcode View Post
                  yeah It's true that it is long before the gamplay, but we put a lot of effort to make the menu.
                  I will crop the video in two part then. One for the UI and one for the gameplay.
                  Unless the UI is a significant departure from UT3's I'd avoid showing it at all. From what I see you just have a skin job.


                    Yes, although it is a rather pretty skin job.

                    This looks alright. I'm quite impressed with what looks like a very usable third-person camera.


                      The idea sounds nice on paper, but it's far too early to show anything, IMO. It has nothing to do with steampunk at the moment, i.e. putting one large cog in the map is hardly anything like that If you're looking for inspiration in terms of art direction, look at the Thief series, Bioshock and maybe some movies like Prestige. Good luck


                        a google search for 'brass goggles' will turn up a good steampunk blog.