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Some map ideas I'm working on

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    Some map ideas I'm working on

    I recently had some map Ideas:

    VCTF Swamps/mangrove
    A forest styled map with nothing but hovering vehicles, lot's of trees and ambush locations an different paths to the other base

    Graphicalwise i'm looking to get lot's of different sounds, bubbles, flies, crocodiles, the whole nine yards. particularly trying to get tthis somewhat surreal feeling

    However i still can't think of a good floorplan for the map, does anyone have some ideas for this?

    Basicly a midair map situated on flying airplanes, necris or axon, don't know yet, havn't thought this idea through yet, but i know I'm going for a weather cycle with rain, sunshine and fog.

    Like with swamps, I don't know a good map design , I basicly just know what the setting will be like. I am sure ,however, I want at least 3 different paths to the enemy base.

    Note, I'm going to make these maps myself, don't steal the idea, I just need some help with the mentioned things.

    I might be able to help with static meshes


      That would be an awesome help, I only just started using blender a week ago.


        i would get GMAX just so that you you have the widest varity of file types avalible to you.