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    Idea:Orb Run

    Bombing run + Warefare
    There is one orb but orb launchers have to be picked up separately.

    Orb launcher primary is a simple grenade launcher that lobs heavy explosive balls that explode

    Secondary fire shoots the orb. Orb is heavier than primary fire but can be shot over medium distances. It shoots with lots of force but drops just as fast. Physics eh?
    Orb Launcher can autolock onto any player with an O.L. Holding secfire secures a lock and releasing fires orb with twice force compared to regular shoot. Falling orbs can't gib, ever, only ones you suicide with

    Orbs that aren't caught have a 10sec lifetime.
    O.L. weapon has to be equipped when holding a node but can capture by either shooting at node base or walking onto node with O.L. weapon drawn

    They can be carried in vehicles but orb carriers can still be seen by everybody.
    Orb has to be picked up on foot
    The first player to obtain the orb gets +35 health/armor(works like first blood award)

    I'm not sure if my idea has major conflicts as to how Ut3 was created. I am aware of the term 'hard-coded' but that's all I know when it comes to coding. I don't know if this topic has been discussed before.. its too bland, I have to be the second person with an idea like this.

    Cool idea. Further random suggestions:
    • Use Impact Hammer to carry and pass the orb. Everyone has an Impact Hammer. Having the orb overrides the Impact Hammer's regular function, so no crazy hammerjumping with the orb.
    • Capture nodes and destroy cores by launching the orb into them. A single orb instantly captures a node. Three to five orbs destroy a core. Nodes and cores cannot be damaged otherwise.
    • Optionally, each team gets to use their orb simultaneously, for extra chaos, and to spread the battle out a bit instead of piling two entire teams onto a single node. Theoretically, on Dusk, both cores could be under attack simultaneously.


      What's about vehicles? lol

      Any ideas for them? ^^


        I've been messing around with this, writing a lil' mutator. I can now throw orbs using the hammer. Thrown orbs don't capture nodes, though, so I'm working on that now.


          Check out the Orb Run mutator.