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    First, has anyone else actually read any H.P. Lovecraft?

    If so you know what I talking about with the Dreamlands.

    If not look HERE

    Also TC MOD does mean Total Conversion right?

    Now on to what i was thinking:
    What if we told an independent horror story revolving around a charicter that we create and place into the Dreamlands.

    Here's what I have so far:
    *Earth IS the "Pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow
    *Humans "evolved" in the Dreamlands but, later leave (with help from the lesser gods) and in habit Earth.
    *The player finds a way to cross a rainbow into the Dreamlands and then must find a way back.

    Would any one be willing to help me with some thing like this? Keep in mind that it is along the lines of something like Project White.

    well wanted to read H.P. Lovecraft but haven't found any at my bookstore (If you have some worth to read[i know every single title is worth ^^], let me know)

    Well it sounds interesting, but what kind of horror did you wanted to create?
    Just straight horror with Ghouls jumping at you, or more into the direction of subliminal(maybe not the best word but who cares) horror? If i am not right, insanity itself played quite the role at Lovecrafts chthulhu myth (i mean the dreamland is a part of it) So i think it would be nice, if the player does not only remains in the Dreamlands but also return from time to time to the "real" World, where you can see how his quests in the Dreamworld are changing his Viewpoint towards the world ( Maybe there could also be a little excursion to the arkham asylum?) . . . Could continue . . .

    For example that your character starts to see people who are already dead, but didn't managed to change to the Dreamlands, that he randomly starts to see bloodstreams down the walls which no one else can see (which could be the reason they put him into the asylum) . . . The experiences he make, both in dreamland and in rl, should get more and more intense (One or two Cutscenes could help much, where your protagonist collapse and start cry in vain / pain, begins to shudder, getting quite near to madness (and not to sparda. . . yeah i know its an old one *eyeroll*) while starting to laugh in an insane kind of way . . .


      what you suggested sounds a lot like American Mcgee's Alice in Wonderland.

      I love the idea ifa crazy protagonist, Just imagine some guy running around ranting about rainbows and the terrible things that they lead to.

      As to what kind of horror I don't really know, maybe a Bioshock vibe would be nice where it isn't just straight up horror but just kind of creepy or, better yet a Dead Space kind where you just don't know what's going on and you have to peace it together.


        Anyone played the faer 2 demo yet? I just played its a joyus occasion to seen a human enemy cause you know your not gonna be on your own

        Its pretty sick, people chocking, hanging from ceilings, Alma i think shes called, is just scary, i mean it

        That kind of horror would be pretty cool. But what about the further your character gets in the freamlands, and the more they do there the more it impacts the real world? Such as freeing spirits in the dreamland causes the dead to come back to life in the real world?


          *cough, cough* That would be like in Silent Hill 4 The Room (impacting trw). . . (But nice idea ^^, and yeah alma is quite scary . . . On the F.E.A.R. one Disc is a short film with alma in it and how she is driving a female doctor crazy . . . *Shudder*)

          Oh and btw. i never played that Alice in Wonderland thing, i just wrote down, what i thought would be good or at least not too far away from the subject . . . too bad that it resembles another game already released -__-

          but honestly its hard to decide what to think of the rainbow. . . I mean it means nearly all the time something happy / funny / etc. Or did you thought about making a dark (necrified xD) Rainbow, where the protagonist goes over, hearing all the time a squishy sound of his feet as if he is going through a moorland, seeing some faces under the surface which stare at him and whisper at him to turn back?


            *cough, cough* That would be like in Silent Hill 4 The Room
            To be honest ive never played silent hill or fear before, jus tried demo for fear 2 today. Although, does playing a little big planet tribute at a friends house count

            So you release spirits and they come back to life. Well i was sort of thinking soemthing along the lines of:

            Every good action in the dreamlands doesn't neccesarly represent a good thing in the real world.

            So when you save people from lets say damnation in the dreamlands, they revive as living corpses in the real world, starting a war between the living and dead when the living want the dead to stay dead?

            a dark (necrified xD) Rainbow,
            Sounds like a job for an undead chuck norris!

            Btw, im downloading the demo to alice and wonderland thing now, sounds kinda coll on wikipedia

            In fact, heres a trailer for the alice game


              What if the story was told as though the protagonist had already been to the Dreamlands and in the game you would experience flash backs to the first time that you had been there.

              As to the kind of horror that I'm shooting for perhaps a kind of empty world that is just environment with a kind of black/white or gloomy color scheme except for like blood and water which would be , in the case of the blood, brightened to a ridiculous amount and ,in the case of water, darkened to make it feel kind of muted and gloomy.


                Like those mystic games, i've never really enjoyed a game with no other characters to interact with, but i was wondering.

                How about its set after hes been to the dreamland as you said, but then he had horrible accident driving him insane and into a coma. He wakes in the dreamlands and has to discover whether he is dead or not, but the dreamland has mutated due to his insanity. And at one point he wakes up in a surgical operation and then collapses etc etc.

                Steals a bit from the alice in wonderland game but then again, it is a different place?

                Btw way, I suppose you could do this almost entirely through kismet and unrealed, but it would be very, very difficult. The seventy steps sounds pretty easy though.

                Are there any pictures or concepts of the dreamlands, could help get a better view of the place.

                In fact this would be a good one to do

                or this would be very good:


                  Originally posted by marilol View Post
                  Sounds like a job for an undead chuck norris!
                  Nah not really . . . Chuck Norris is a great running gag (Well those jokes are, not the chuck himself) but cause of that, it would be bad for the setting if there is a Chuck Norris jumping around . . .

                  had tried the Alice Demo . . . it is indeed creepy . . . I liked the bgmusic of some kind of a Play clock (Or however it is called) it is a good contrast.

                  Storytelling by himself after he experienced it would be not so bad. And about the flashbacks: Why don't put him into The Asylum and let him talk about his journey (which you actually play) while a consulting hour? And everytime you die, there could be a cutscene where the doc and the prot are asking, how it could be that he died, yet is still alive. (Oh and you could also add some kind of rotting doc. the more you progress in game, the more the doc becomes like a zombie, which leads to a situation, where he collapse and think, that every one turned into a zombie and wants to eat him.

                  That color fading could be part of some kind of insanity progress ingame (yay add an insanity-o-meter xD), the more you get insane, the more the colours fade, also there could be a distinction between different kinds of insanity, one where he starts to cry rolling on the ground, and another which would be like some kind of bloodlust (fading colours for the cry / roll part and glooming blood / increasing the red intensity of the world for the bloodlust part, and those two are the extremes. like:
                  (//////////°\\\\\\\\\\) (Yeah i know i suck at Ascii arts xD)


                  Yeah no interaction with others . . . okay an isolated person could be a good part of the atmosphere (Like shadow of the colossus) But it also could mean a difficulty, since other peoples could also be a big help to show the state of the insanity of the protagonist. . .

                  personally i like the idea of that awakening during the surgery, this could also be turned into a creepy part of the game . . . Like when he is running around the hospital, and loosing a constantly amount of health but also have a high Amount of Rage filled up. . .

                  Oh and thanks very much for the links marilol ^ ^

                  Edit: played the FEAR 2 Demo too . . . Darn it can't remember that Alma looked that bad . . .


                    well my whole concept with the empty world is that you would slowly be piecing together what happened and why the world is empty. Of course there would be signs of what had happened like gigantic piles of gore, some half eaten bodies, pools of blood, claw marks etc. etc.

                    here is handy guide of the Dreamlands



                      mhm. . . Some questions for better understanding ^^ (Have the feeling, that we got two completely different things in our mind)
                      -Are there enemies planned in your Mod (in Dreamland and / Or The real World)
                      -Are transitions between the two worlds planned?
                      -What about riddles?
                      -Do you want to let your protagonist sink deeper and deeper into insanity?
                      -Straight horror or more subtle? (straight: Zombies everywhere , subtle: slowly with dense Atmosphere)
                      -Does you plan to visit ancient cities and or wider open fields / Mines?
                      -What coloration does you want to use for your Rainbow? (Yeah its a quite important
                      question for me)
                      -Kind of Weapons (if any)?
                      -Supernatural powers(if yes, do you gain them by progressing in the story)?
                      -Story? (If you want to make a story and need someone to write it, i could [try to] give you a hand. . . The only problems would be that i sometimes lack the english language ^^')


                        Let me attempt to answer your questions.

                        Enemies: yes but not in any kind of traditional sense I'm still trying to put it into words for my self so I can't really explain it any more that that.

                        World Transitions: Maybe but probably only in cut scenes.

                        Riddles: as in like Riddle of the Sphinx or more like puzzles?

                        Insanity: I want the player to fell like they have been wrongly judged and that their character is not actually insane but every one outside of the Dreamlands thinks that they are.

                        Horror: more subtle I'm kinda shooting for a horror/puzzle game/mod/thing here so subtle interspersed with straight up horror would probably work best.

                        Locations: A little bit of both actually given that H.P. Lovecraft's own version of the Dreamlands has a little bit of both so will our game/mod

                        Rainbow coloration: normal rainbow colors except I want to theam the colors like, for example, blue would be water and you would be able to see things in the "water" like scenes of drownings and tsunamis.

                        Weapons: Anything that feels super industrialized steam cannons, crossbows that shoot strips of metal, chemical bombs, etc. etc.

                        Powers: Probably not but it might be a possibility.

                        Story: {protagonist's name here} goes on a journey to the Dreamlands, then returns to Earth, every one thinks that {PNH} is crazy, {PNH} is admitted to an {asylum name here}, an earthquake destroys {ANH}, {PNH} escapees from the ruins of {ANH}, {PNH} returns to the Dreamlands and finds it in ruins, <BEGIN GAME PLAY> durring this time you must find out what has happened to the Dreamlands,<END GAME>

                        That is all I really have right now if you feel like something is missing or is unneeded just tell me.


                          Perhaps include the silver key in your plot? The one Ralph (i think) uses to get back to the dreamlands.

                          Perhaps it ends when the person finds out that because he thinks he is also insane the dreamlands have begun to disapeer, and he has to use the silver key to rescue it?

                          Oh, and btw, i don't really like chuck norris jokes, i don't actually know who he is, just seen lots of em hanging around.


                            Well the only problem that I have with that suggestion is the whole "lets save the Dreamlands" concept it just makes it feel unoriginal, to me. I would prefer that the story ended in a cliffhanger as apposed to the player actually completing the story.

                            The key could be the way that {PNH} gets back to earth only to find it in the midst of the second world war.


                              And perhaps, because of the war more people are dying, and so less people are returning to the dreamlands, as they haven't been dreaming about anything other than the war?