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Weapon ideas (fire modes)

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    Weapon ideas (fire modes)

    I'd like to suggest some ideas for custom weapons. I've taken these ideas from my UT2004, for which I have more than 60 weapons, all customized in their fire modes thanks to the Weapon Stuff mutator. So, instead of telling you names of weapons, I'll tell about the fire modes. Many of these are really fun and add many new ways to play. I hope I could enjoy this in UTIII too. Sorry for my English. I'll try to describe them the best I can.

    High fire rate bullets of explosive ammo. You can shoot a wall and see the trail of little explosions. It feels really devastating and addictive to use.

    A big sphere of dark electricity which flies really slow but kills your enemies as soon as it touches them. These balls stick to the wall or floor when they touch them and remain there for a while, still being equally dangerous. They also act as a shield preventing enemy fire to pass through.

    A laser bomb, which can be placed on the walls or on the floor. Some seconds after you install it, a laser is emitted and if the enemy cuts the line, booom!

    Little spheres which work ballistically and bounce on the floor. A few seconds later, or if you hit an enemy, they explode.

    Mini rocket launcher, with higher fire rate and more speed

    Dozens of little grenades are released exactly around where you stand. After a few seconds, they start exploding. The area becomes a deadly trap.

    Inflamable grenades. When they hit the scenery or an enemy, they act as a molotov cocktail

    Ripper or ripjack with saw discs for cutting heads.


    Spider mines