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    Before I start

    I plan to make a map that incorporates a few mods and I would like to know some things before I get started.d

    Can the ALT fire be changed/removed?

    Can I put in a simple cover system with out mastering Unreal script?

    How do I put in custom weapons?

    Can I limit the number of weapons a player can carry?

    Is it possible to make the weapons appear on a characters back/legs

    Is additive or subtractive level design easier when making an indoor map?

    AltFire can be changed, not sure about removing it though.

    What do you mean by "simple cover system"? But probably not. under UT3 tutorials on the righthand side.

    yes, by limiting the number of weapons in your mod.

    I would say it's possible, use the CTF flag as an idea, but it would require, I think, quite a bit of work to implement.

    Don't know, haven't made any maps. Check the level design section.


      awesome, just awesome thanks a bunch man I appreciate the help.