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"Blood Lust" style mutator

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    "Blood Lust" style mutator

    Anyone know where I might find a "Blood Lust" muator for UT3? What I'm referring to is a mutator I found for UT1: everyone's Vampiric up to 150 health, but there are no health packs and everyone's health steadily counts down.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Ummz, yeah I got something similar. You should be able to use vampire and no health packs muts from newtators. Though the vampire mut doesnt have an option for 150 health, its only normal 100 or 200.

    I am workin on a design for the bloodlust pickup actually but it'll take alittle bit for me to refine it. Im not sure if I like some of the features I added in the last version as well so things could change.