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Quick Buildings Please!

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    Quick Buildings Please!

    I think that a lot of mappers could benefit from some community made resources; It'd be great if i could get some creative help making structures, on account i'm pretty bad at making anything else besides square buildings. xD But square or not, i personally just need some decorative pieces to add around a freeway, so anything would be worth looking at! If you're interested, heres some requests:

    - Please keep your structure less than 2049x2049x2049 units

    - Include sidewalks around it's base.

    - Light the building accordingly. Any light needed to actually see the building i'll put there in the map, but if you have signs or street lights, please add them in!

    -Export them as Unreal Text (*.t3d) for easy placement.

    As an example, i'll post one of the structures i've created so far, The Hotel:


    Perhaps a load of editor content packs is a good idea. We have one origonal one and alot of themed ones from other games but we need more origonal ones.


      well i'm currently working on a small church, and i have a gas station drawn out, but i'm just saying it'd be nice to have entire buildings built in detail that any mapper could just toss into their map and edit quickly. Considering making a decent looking building can take an hour or two.


        It's a good idea.