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Request: Flamethrower? and a Redeemer mod

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    Request: Flamethrower? and a Redeemer mod

    Hey, I made a weapon request post before but I dont think many went for the idea. But I have a New Idea now...

    Whats everyones thoughts on Flame Throwers?
    I had a Thought for the Two fireing modes

    1st: Short Ranged blast of fire that comes out like a cone.
    Dose some serious damage to all Infantry, and ignights the player. The longer its fired, the Biger the flame and the hotter it gets. can not be fired underwater.

    2nd: Napalm! Loads the Flame thrower gas concoxuson with Tyridium, this creates a sticky effect! The Flame thrower Spews forth Flamable napalm like substance that can be ignighted with the Primary fire of the Flame Thrower! Can be used to coat an enemy or a zone, anyone caught in the naplam effect is burint to a crisp. Extreamly potent and garenteed pyromaniacts sadisfaction!

    Now, as for the Redeemer, I ask, can anyone create a fallout effect for the Redeemer? like, Long lasting peppering of Biosludge? Thanks...

    Thanks, what is everones thoughts?

    flamethrower sounds like the unreal 2 one (which was awsome)
    but like in unreal 2 the napalm on the floor should start burning by itself after some seconds or be fired up with any other weapon. else it would just make people use it to set traps at lame spots.


      Ok, What about the Alt fire is not napalm, but instead a nozel control.
      When fired without the Nozel control, it makes big puffs of flame, good for when the enemy desides to come into your face with Bio sludge.
      When the Alt fire is healed however, if focuses the fame, controled similar to the snipers scope. It will then enventuly become less of a Fire cloud, and more like a Link gun with Splash damage, and a big ball of fire at the end.
      The Finer tuned the Nozel, the Faster it runs out of fire.

      As for an idea of napalm, Bio sludge can be worked together with it, making firey goo!


        i once thought of the flamethrower idea with primary fire being a bit obvious, i thought of more of a link gun type primary fire (but a lot lot slower) with when it hits a wall or after a certain amount of time it fires out into a cross?

        tbh urs sounds better


          Everybody seems to want a flamethrower. This is the fifth time I have seen this thread. We should get on this...