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    [REQUEST] More Pieces


    I've been playing unreal Tournament 3 for some time now, but i am surprised to see that no one has released any more Character Armour pieces. This is a shame because i use Jester with armour type 2 and no helmet, but you see loads of players online exactly the same as there is minimal choice for Jester, aswell as some other female characters in the game. But the Male characters generally have loads of pieces (About 5 armour sets)

    So im requesting that someone makes some extra armour pieces for the UT Female characters (jester/Akasha/Lauren etc..)

    Sorry if this has been requested before


    You bring up a good point. There's been plenty of great new player models released over the months, but little in the way of custom armour packs to liven up the stock models that are used more often. Many have also tried swapping the standard faction model's armour pieces around, but for the most part this has resulted in horrible freaks with Rayman-like floating limbs and 5ft noodle fingers.


      A problem I can see with it is, if you make a model from the ground up, you know exactly what dimensions the different parts are, and can add other parts at will. But when you look at another person's model, unless you have all of it, and can experiment with it in a modelling program, you may not be able to get the parts exactly right. So you'll end up with freaks, as The Chimpy put it.
      So this may be why noone has done anything (except davision and his zombie head), or it may be that they'd rather work on their own models.


        There was a hole faction of custom models out that was in with the Ronin ones. Thay actualy looked ok together and this was before custom factions so it had to be lumped in with another one. I request alot of stuff for Necris Females. I would love to be a bit more origonal with my little Akasha skin.