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request for LMS MOD and Maleviolance map

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    quite some views but to bad no reaction about someone who's interested in this

    I have found a mod thats able to replace the lms mod ... its now called last team standing and with some modifications in the .ini file it should work fine...
    but is there realy nobody there who wants this map back or if it allready is ... maybe you can leave a message where to find it?

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  • started a topic request for LMS MOD and Maleviolance map

    request for LMS MOD and Maleviolance map

    Hey people,

    Im a big fan of the oldschool goty edition and my favorite game type has always been lms ... there for the request for a mod of this game type .. maybe its allready there but i have a hard time finding it ... also Maleviolance has been my favorite map

    PLS let there be someone out there who can create this oldschool map for me and the oldschool community...

    keep me informed thx