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HK-47 from kotor

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  • HK-47 from kotor

    if theres one character i would love to have in ut3 it would be hk-47 from knights of the old republic and i was just wondering if anyone had tried to put him in or had plans too thats one of the best poly model pictures ive seen of him which gives you a rough idea how it could look. the voice pack for it would be something else, not that id get the benefit of it as i only have a ps3 at the moment. and im not saying to rip off that model either just using it as an example. just wondering if theres any word of development or if anyone else would want it.

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    Its another robot so we'll need a good modeler to get it to look diffrent from other robots.


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      itd be the voice pack thatd really make this one stand up. theres some of the funniest lines ever heard in a videogame to choose from. and youd have to of played starwars knights of the old republic to want him, hes kind of generic looking on purpose,hes my favourite games char ever and my favourite starwars char too


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        not that im not saying the model of hk47 isnt awesome i just love how understated it is although a stylised version would be very nice as long as it was still hk47.and i do understand just how much damn hard work itd take to make this model,just wondered if anyone felt the same about wanting it since i couldnt find any posts when i searched


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          old post, but here you go, HK47 in UDK

          guarding the temple's entrance

          talking, toward the end of the dialog



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            what about download COUNT