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Quick Overview of my ideas(personal reminder)

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    Quick Overview of my ideas(personal reminder)

    Things to do someday when I get the time:

    Make a Zoom InstaGib/InstaRag Rifle
    Shoot enemy. Enemy fly. After a 1 or 2 secs they explode.

    Merge PlayerTweak, JumpMod, Dodge Jump and JumpBootsArena mod, make it configurable. Also figure out how to allow activation of jumpboots anytime, even when falling. Make Gravity also configurable with it?
    Will give you the ability to jump any distance, dodge in air, move in circles in air, control your fall , plus it look cool in 3rdPerson.

    Big problem : bots will never be able to use this style of movement effectively, requires humans...

    Mess around with UT2d since source has been released. Tried the jumpboots idea with it, could work. Although characters will need to be a lot smaller.
    Tried changesize 0.5. Ragdoll messed up then. Bullets/ projectles not coming out the right places. Plus weapon factory, crosshairs, projectles will need to be scaled too. Will see after i check the code, should be an easier way that makes more sense.

    That'll keep me busy for a while...
    Please ignore(mumbling to myself)