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Character Request... Ultratech's Cyborg...

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    Character Request... Ultratech's Cyborg...

    I have noticed that nobody (and I mean NOBODY!!!) has resquested a good model of the best weapon of Ultratech... the fully functional, armed to the teeth, warrior cyborg, who was capable of feeling emotions, bad emotions although and thinking like a human... eh... well not quite like a normal human... Fulgore!!!

    I already open a thread about him into EE's Suggestions and Requests forums but seems like noboby else than EE is interested into make him (the thread was open more than a week ago and only 12 views... and 1 response from EE)

    Just think about it for a sec... Fulgore could fit flawlessly into the Liandri Faction... also, who could be more capable and loyal to the idea of destroying the humans than him?

    I don't know why... I mean, how can Fulgore not be taken in consideration for a proper model for any UT game?

    It's way cool than some Liandri models... he was created like a warrior cyborg since the begining... and I'm sure he is pretty well known into the video games field, I mean, who cannot recognize him!?

    I'm also pretty sure that almost all the modders had played at least one time any of the Killer Instinct games when they were kids.

    C'mon guys, somebody please take the challenge and make him!!!

    Although EE seems to be interested in making him... we all already know how busy EE is these days.

    I hope to grab the attention of some modders and maybe we could get a Fulgore model for the end of the year... let's cross the fingers...

    BTW... the last pic is a dream/wish we all have had these days... Rare, please bring us KI3!!!

    I wont jump down anyones throates for an idea today I've drank my caffine and i'm not in a foul mood but...

    Theres already alot of robots a huge ton of them and I cant tell them appart anymore.

    Someone needs to make this guy look very origonal.