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UT3 Starfighters [Recruit if there is enough interest]

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    UT3 Starfighters [Recruit if there is enough interest]

    Everybody wants these, it seems. I sure do.

    The things that, in my opinion, are required to make proper starfighter vehicles are these.

    -Make a vehicle rotate toward the mouse pointer in 3d space (the fury can already do this more or less)

    To make a more tactical starfighter (what would really make this worth it), the following things would be required:
    -Forward and Backward remain unchanged.
    -Strafe Right and Strafe Left roll your ship (and your camera)
    -Dodge left/right does a barrel roll in the direction
    -Crouch does a fast flip. Your ship does a simultaneous 180 degree turn forward-to-back and side-to-side, leaving you going the exact opposite direction you were going before, in the same orientation (you don't end up flying belly-up, as it were.)
    -Space gives a quick burst of speed.
    Dodge forward/backward should do something, but I don't know what.

    __________________________________________________ ______________

    I have a mod in mind that takes a rather different direction with the idea.

    Rather than vehicles, players spawn as a starfighter. As a mod, it would include a number of player models, and players would probably be forced into these models somehow. The default weapons would be used, although they would have new models. The pickups would probably be rotating rings, and the weapons models themselves would be a sort of glow about your ship. Powerups and flags, orbs, etc could be remapped the same way.

    Weapons that would require modification are as follows:

    Bio Rifle: Lobbed projectiles would need to take their original heading from the orientation of your ship. Whether there is gravity or not is set by the mapper, so there are no worries there.
    Flak Cannon: Grenade would need to take it's original heading from the orientation of your ship.
    Sniper Rifle: For the purposes of this mod, the cockpit of a model is it's head. (it'll depressurize...?) [technically, there are several other body part correspondences, based on vulnerability. I don't know what they are.]

    The last thing that would be required is to make a player models obey starfighter rules dictated above, including complete immunity to gravity. This is probably the bulk of the work (I don't know, I'm no coder.) If this could be a mutator, that would make things very easy, but I bet it has to be a gametype.

    It would also be nice to have a seperate physics volume that affected starfighters (different from the one that usually doesn't, because starfighters are immune to gravity, used for singularities, large asteroids, and other rare phenomena)
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    The real advantage to this way of doing things is that it would be entirely game-mode friendly. Want spaceship domination? Play spaceship domination. It's all in the maps, really.
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    I am thinking about doing this as a mod. I want it quite badly. I can model low-poly spaceships very easily and quickly, and I can map for this mode, although I am missing a few key skills, such as how to make a new skybox, which is unfortunate, because the only good space skybox that comes with Unreal is so distinctive that it can't be re-used again, at least not without putting Omicron in front of your map name. (The concept that there are a lot of tournament arenas in this one area of space makes sense to me, the fact that every single space battle would take place near a disintegrating planet bothers me.) I have also not previously had much patience with modeling assets for maps, but modeling asteroids and debris is pretty easy.

    If I can find someone who can and will write the code required, and someone who can do the rigging and animation for the starfighters, I'll do the modeling for the weapons, powerups, and ships, as well as doing some maps for this mode.
    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Anybody interested?