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Third person + RTS + gun lock

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    Third person + RTS + gun lock

    I am not a coder, and likely will never be. Looking at lines of words and odd phrases that don't add up to a generic sentence or phil shorthand just confuses me.

    That being said. I'm trying to work through a game concept that if I'm able to actually work my way through would end up being more or less an attempt at my own game idea.

    So the four things I'm currently looking at is a stat system for the ability to progress character abilities, a lock on system or limited lock system so when you're generally aiming at a target it calculates fire within a realistic boundary, a third person over the shoulder camera mode, and a god view with functionality to control multiple units indirectly (like designating groups and laying down way points for the AI and players to hit and follow).

    Guess I just want to know that is available and what is viable.

    For the stat system, have a look for battlerpg; for over the shoulder 3rd person maybe actioncam; the god view, unreal annihilation mod, it wasn't released as a mod but the source code was, it's for ut2k3/4. Lock on system, no idea.