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    Mod - THE LOST ELEMENT - Long Term Development - Short Term MSU

    Howdie Guys.

    Im not going to beat around the bush here. I have good experiance with the Unreal Editor and am interested in starting a long term (over about 5 years) project. The mod would be ratha simple yet complex in its creation.

    It would be a TC mod with multiple game types with the 5 year development goal to create a great single player game. The short term goals would be a online multiplayer for the next 2 years. With the main goal to get into the finals of the MSU.

    Ok. so a little about the scary project.

    The game would be set in a Fantasy/Wasted Future version of earth. But the visual style would be far from what you would see in the world now. It would be 2000+ years after world war 4 (lol forget ww3 it will be dull compared) and the whole human race would be destroyed. apart from some people that was cryo frozen and sent to a space station orbiting the earth.

    Any way 2000+ years pass and the spacestation sends them back to earth bla bla bla.

    The game is 400 years after that. and you are living in the new world built from the few thousand people that was saved by the space station. so imagain the scene. your in a world with ruins of the modern day in what has become jungles/lakes/wastelands.

    Game Play

    This is where it gets very hard to explain and not only that. it will be very hard to make.

    The Game will come with many game types built into it. from simple deathmatch to more complex versions of warfair. The main gameplay will be done in EITHER first or third person cam view. The choice will be down to the player. The hope is to be able to balance the game enougth to alow people to have a key to press to change as they play.

    The Make Something Unreal section of the mod would be a first/third person melee vs guns type of game. set in at least 6 large maps. the melee team will have a choice of 4 classes where the team with the guns get to choose there load out OR have a set loadout (this will be decided if the game goes into production) what will make this fair is that the melee team will get 3 respawns each (or what ever is set on the server) OR they will get 2 team mates to every 1 of the team with the gun. so it would play like a 20vs10 what also will make this game stand out is that the melee team will be able to "free run" the map. alowing for climbing up certain walls shimming around ledges, tight rope walking and general crazy stuff.

    As you can tell with what i just said. A large part of making this game would be down to animators and scripters working together. The mod would be done on a third person actor basis. where the first person view is really just a cam attached to the head of the third person model. this causes alot of challanges. but would also alow the player to feel every move the character does.

    What Im After

    What i would love is a whole team to run saying we are in and lets get started. but basically i just hope that a few people will like the idea who have skills that could help me create this game. Im good with 3d software and I can script in (this is only relevent to people that know UCC to show that i can understand what they are doing. and for once they will have soneone on the team that can give advice and feedback.)

    but mainly i would like feedback.


    Bunnykinx the good old UT3 Rampent Rabbit.