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Anyone going to make the WoW BG's?

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    Anyone going to make the WoW BG's?

    The World of Warcraft battlegrounds. BEar in mind it's been so long that I may spell them wrong.

    Warsong Gultch - a CTF map in WoW and can be be UT3.

    Arathi Basin - Hold the flag till it turns your team's colour, rinse and repeat. This could be a domination map. It's too open for Warfare perhaps.

    Alterac valley - Huge HUGE BG that setup is like Warfare. In this case it's linking up flags.

    (Yes I know I forgot the 4th one. Who cares about that?)

    Please someone make these!

    You know that in this maps the gameplay will suck if you bring them to ut3?


      Originally posted by Oliebol View Post
      You know that in this maps the gameplay will suck if you bring them to ut3?
      Really now.. If that's the way you feel then it's obvious to modify the maps to suit Ut3.


        I defintly dont want to see those battlegrounds again. I have two level seventies so no way am I takeing another look at those battlegrounds.


          Interesting idea... but ya, they'd probably suck... you see, MMORPG maps are built keeping range and line of sight in mind more than anything else. FPSs are built with terrain, visiblity, lighting, equipment placement (and how the terrain interacts with it), then range and line of sight. Those maps are fundamentally not compatible with UT3... (you could do it, but I don't think it would be fun)


            The gameplay design ideas in these maps were different, but WoW terrain is effectively 2d, so you might have enough liberty in designing UT3 maps of them to make them fun here, too. It's worth a try.


              Ok, look at it this way. Your in an Epic DM match. What do you see? You see most of one room, maybe some of the next one over. You don't see clear across the map. If there is an open air map, it's ether vehicle dominated or there is a slue of cover (there aren't open fields). That's how Unreal fuctions.

              NOW... WoW, on the other hand, has lots of open areas, most battle is done in melee or almost-melee. That kind of map would brake the balance of the guns in UT3. If you put a sniper on that map, I would pwn, but if you didn't, players would fell left out. Flack would be worthless. People would just try homing rockets while watching a target cross a field. You just... can't make it fun...

              And it's not just about the openness, that's just the best example off the top of my head.


                Agreed. WoW battlegrounds are made for the melle range and bounceing mages. (I still have the instinct to fire at anything bounceng like that.) it just woudnt work with guns.

                Plus all battlegrounds you dont see players all that far instead you get them in a sertain range. Now in UT3 thay let you fire from well out of that range.

                Besides that the maps are dull and very empty after you've been in them once or twice. Blizzard likes thair kiddyish graphic style that made me even go back to the origonal UT alot because I wanted to see rooms that looked like rooms again.

                Blizzards stuffs great for what it is but UT3 is far more advanced and the maps would have a completely diffrent feel if rebult. I'd prefer the feel maybe but alot of others woudnt.

                Also if eye of the storm was rebult because of the size it would have to be a veicle thing. Can you imagine a badly timed dive with a viper? You aim for jumping off the cliff at the blood elf tower down to that bit with the bridge and you happly splat the person under the viper but you keep going off the edge... Veicles and edges dont go together.

                Alterac Vally could possably be done. I'd still be terified to see the mess on the icefield that was bad enough when it was shadowpriests and shockadins.

                Warsong Gulch reminds me of the old funnel maps but a large version. Theres a small chance it would sute VCTF but I doubt it as the flags are in buildings.


                  The idea is interesting, but the game just don't clash well. I'd be like trying to make a RTS map or a track from a racing game in UT3, it just wouldn't fit.


                    Well, i just got wow and played warsong gulch first time today.

                    I think it'd be perfect for a vctf with pickup-able-hoverboard but no other vehicles, also, maybe add a small mutator which would make you start with impact hammer, and you can pickup variations and throwing rocks?

                    So: Start: Weak hammer: 6 shot kill

                    Heavy Hammer: 2 shot kill

                    Light Hammer: 4 shot kill

                    Heavy Rock: 3 shot kill

                    Light Rock: 5 shot kill

                    I think thatd be a little better, short of a TC.