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    Originally posted by Chaosnight View Post
    I think it'd be pretty sick running around as the grim reaper especially since halloween is coming up.
    couldn't have said it better myself


      Check out runestorms zombie/skeleton models. it may be similar to what your looking for.


        i could make the model, but as i see the author of the thread is a lil dumb )) kid i mean ) go play LEG0 bwoi


          Whats with all the flaming zemm1?


            I dont see what the problem is. If you look around the Necris areas with statues theres half skeleton half flesh people in huge cloakes with what looks like an incredably stylised skythe.

            Its not much of a stretch to make the grim reaper and have him as the personification of the Necris prophet or one of the top ranking phader busniss men.

            The cloakes in the pictures might be a bit tough to manage bit to much physics stuff so maybe more towards Terry Pratchetts vision of death might be an idea to lessen the flappy bits.

            The runestorm stuff is probably one of the best bases for it infact thay would just need to put a set of robes with a hood on the basic skeleton model.