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request: UT99 decapitation cam

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    request: UT99 decapitation cam

    getting gibbed or decapped in UT99 was a much smoother and enjoyable experience. the camera in ut3 spazzes out as it rolls around and it's really not very chill. can someone please bring back pleasant and relaxing deaths!?

    Its a good idea, I was thinking something similar the other day too.

    I was playing ut99 and in many ways its easier to see what happend with the camera, like when you get blasted and the bot does a little dance over your body lol
    someone should make it!


      the reason i think they left it out was.

      1. when the cam gets to close to walls or stuff it can see though them as a bug. something that looks bad on a development team.

      2. The speed them heads can fly and spin is VERY fast. it could cause problems on a systems resorces with the high detail maps we have now.

      3. There are lots of blocking volumes that there was not in ut99 so there is a chance it would bounce off nothing. again looks bad on the developer.

      but it would be cool and should be easy to do. if you can live with the bugs there will be,