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    Somebody was remaking mutant, but they abandoned it. Someone should really remake this mode. That said, if we're going to need to make it, we may as well do it right.

    With this in mind, I can think of a number of features I'd like to see as options.

    Extensive control over the mutant's powers. A mutant with a minigun with unlimited ammo and overshields plays very differently from a mutant with invisibility, 4X speed, and an impact hammer, which plays differently from a mutant with half health and an instagib rifle, which plays differently from a mutant with invisibility, 2X damage, and vampirism as well as their weapons, which plays differently from a mutant with no superpowers at all. In short, being able to apply weapons and powerups to mutants, with a few extra options like the overshields (those are a mutator now.)

    Support for more than one mutant, either on a team or not (EPIC MUTANT DUELS!)

    Turn the bottom feeder (or feeders?) on or off, and control their numbers.

    Make it so that anyone can kill anyone, but you still only get points if you are the mutant. This would make it much more cutthroat.

    I'd love to see a way to make an area impassable to the mutant or passable only by them.

    Just as a way to add a little bit of awesome, I think the mutant should be able to (optionally) walk on water.

    I'm still thinking about this.