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    the rag doll is not a problem. what you do is blend it into a animation once the body hits the ground. (kinda like when you fall off the snowbored) or blend in mid air when its less obvious. it could work. but it would be a hard thing to pull off with the animation blending.

    EASY to make
    HARD to perfect


      Originally posted by Gameslaya View Post
      This game does not have per-pixel polygon hit detection?
      what i mean is this: i shoot someone off the hoverboard and while he's still lying on the ground i hit him with a flakball, but he gets no damage.


        hey do u kno wat wud b beter a sord if u got cloud or zack it wud look kool and u'l kno wat it looks like.u cud change the look of the impact hammer in a mutator to a sword and the attack into a swipe and lower the power a wee bit but giv it a bit mor reach to balance it but keep it as if you hold down attack oits a 1 hit kill and it also replaces the impact hammer so u get it by presin circle


          coda mod bro... best sword mut out!!!